10 Strategies To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More-nibbuns

Business Why would you want your subscribers begging for more? You like to see them beg! It means they want what you have, and that kind of power can yield many a wondrous result. Whatever results you are out to achieve, follow these ten simple strategies and you subscribers will go goo goo for more. Creativity Either for your amusement or their entertainment, be creative! Don’t copy and paste, invent, inspire, astound! Make up words or concepts, generate ideas that stand out, use design and images that WOW! And above all, be original, or why else would they want more? Quick and Dirty Big pictures and little captions, or small paragraphs with BIG HEADLINES, capture attention and wet curiosity (and that feels good). Make your reader feel good, and they will .e back for more like a…well, you get the idea. If you must write more copy, give them a link to go get it, otherwise, just give them the juicy cliff notes. Hit it and quit it is your new motto! And use great pictures, skip the boring shots. Be Straight Don’t lie unless you are expected to. Don’t misrepresent yourself unless you are meant to. People hate to be made to feel like fools. Fortune favors the bold, sometimes being an outright truth teller can be sensational and provocative! Find your inner truth and let it all hang out. (tastefully?) Keep it Simple Try to sound smart and you will generate yawns. If you are smart, people will get it. Get too heavy or too technical and people will start skipping to over your material. Give them a link to another page with more details if there is more explanation required. (See I could go on and on here about that but I’ll just stop so you don’t get bored and start skipping around.) Eye Candy Give them something to look at, maybe lots of stuff to look at. All these words on a page can make the head swim. Or with such short attention spans, adding pictures solidifies your message and keeps ’em reading. Not just pictures either, colors and design are important. Those elements either attract or annoy your subscribers. (I’d go on but that might violate a few of the previously mentioned strategies). Write Gooder Spell words correctly. Use proper sentence structure. (Mostly) And don’t use words you don’t understand, trying to look smart can ruin your credi"bull"ity. (Reputation) Readers may not recognize brilliant writing (ahem) but they will certainly cringe when they read poor writing. Don’t be so Pushy! Ask for what you want, but don’t cram it down anyone’s throat. State your opinion but leave room for discussion. Create an atmosphere where people feel safe (I mean it!) and they will be more likely to return for more. Heck, you can even tell them you love them, or something like that, just don’t say it unless you mean it. People appreciate sincerity but hate obfuscators. (Which strategy did I just ignore there?) Know Thy Audience Either choose your audience before you write, or get to know the people who like your material. Find out what they want, what pushes their buttons, and what TV shows they watch. (Not sure about that last one). The more you know about them, the more you can keep their attention. Steal their hearts by making them important, show them you care, give them what they want but… (See the next strategy) Always Keep Them Wanting More! Wow, is this one pure gold! Want subscribers to beg for more? Tease them a little. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: