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104 seconds off the assembly line of a car on the Audi Q5 production process – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto high beam] said that although the new generation of Audi Q5 will be opened in a few days after the Paris Auto Show debut, is also introduced. But this point the day and await for it, still do not affect the cash Q5 in the midsize luxury SUV market hot trend. As the king of Audi SUV products sales in China as well, Audi Q5 in the 2015 harvest 114 thousand and 300 sales success, this is indeed some "heinous" data for a medium-sized luxury SUV. Although Audi Q5 sales are good for everyone to see, but really want to say a Audi Q5 is how to create it, I’m afraid not everyone knows. Today, the production process by means of 2016 Audi Yuanguang Jun heart tour to lead you to a quest for Audi Q5. Due to time and confidential, the high Jun only visited the workshop, also please forgive me. But to understand the Audi Q5 in the production process in the end what excels only through the assembly workshop. The FAW Volkswagen Audi assembly two workshop in September 19, 2009 formally put into production, the total construction area of the workshop reached a total of 91618 square meters, with a total investment of more than $1 billion, more than 2000 employees. A new car from the parts into one line from the vehicle successfully stamping workshop to welding workshop, and then to the painting workshop, assembly workshop and finally to complete the assembly line. The tour is complete parts of the vehicle magic magic assembly shop. Assembly workshop production area has a total of 1 main production lines and 4 assembly line, the workshop is divided into 3 divisions, 24 hours of uninterrupted production. Mechanical assembly workshop uses the current international popular ski and EHB transport technology, flexible production mode can carry out different types of collinear, greatly reduces the cost of a new type of transformation into the future. EHB conveying technology can not only realize the assembly height of 200mm-1500mm between different positions through software control, but also can provide different assembly height in the same station due to different models. At the beginning of the planning of the factory, we should consider how to improve the energy saving effect without affecting the planned production. Most of the light from the assembly workshop comes from the natural light from the roof, which can save 2/3 of lighting electricity. The wall and the wall assembly shop made of thermal insulation and noise reduction performance excellent renewable materials, the measures to make the workshop heating energy consumption is greatly reduced; the floor of the workshop all adopt a solvent-free, self leveling coatings paved. Digital logistics management with production rhythm, to ensure that the production line parts supply order, controllable and efficient. An area of 18960 square meters of logistics supermarket concentrated all the assembly of the required parts, electronic Kanban delivery technology can display real-time parts demand and prompt logistics personnel, thus improving the efficiency and accuracy of parts shipped, and reduces the energy consumption in the process of logistics. The factory for field staff management is very strict, all personnel are prohibited from carrying keys, Fanshao, watches, jewelry and so on.相关的主题文章: