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Dynamic 12 baiyiji private eye 55 shares outstanding performance to large coffee after the stock – fund channel "ten billion" private equity market has been tracking the direction of its research path often caused by market concerns. Volcanic wealth statistics found that since September, there are 12 well-known private equity research ten billion (including repeat) listed companies (55). In fact, tens of billions of private equity as a result of large volume, high level of ability, investors are also looking forward to the performance of the shares of the stock market research, then the situation in the end how? In September, tens of billions of private wealth is slowing the pace of research volcano Oriental Wealth Choice statistics found that star stone investment, freshwater springs investment, Chongyang investment, exhibition Bo investment Greenwoods asset, Suzaku investment and Bo Road investment 12 more well-known private ten billion since September, a total investigation of the 55 listed companies (including repeat). Although September is not over, but it is not difficult to see that these 12 ten million private research rhythm has slowed. Public data show that in August, the aforementioned 12 private placement of a total of 112 (including repeat) listed companies. Specifically, since September, freshwater springs investment research led the way, the largest number of listed companies reached 10. Followed by the star stone investment, investment, Chongyang investment, Zhanbo Greenwoods asset and current assets, the number of research are in the 5 or more. In addition, the new Yi Sheng, seagull bathroom, oxiranchem and double electric and other 7 companies, were 2 baiyiji private investigation. Among them, the new Yi Sheng and seagull bathroom is to reach 3. Industry distribution, the 7 industries into the aforementioned 12 private line of sight. Among them, the electronics industry companies up to 9; computer and textile and apparel industry, have a total of 6. Although the electronics industry overall number up, but the private are different, such as freshwater springs research company in 10, the electrical equipment industry companies up to 9 companies; star stone investment research, light manufacturing and textile and garment industry, the most. Number of private equity research is worth looking forward to tens of billions of private equity because of its large body size, but also reflects the higher level of its ability. Although these billion private research may not buy, but because of these big coffee research, investors tend to research the company’s stock price was full of expectation. Volcano wealth statistics found that in August, the 12 private listed companies surveyed a total of 112. After the elimination of the new shares Chen safety technology, the overall view, the remaining 111 listed companies in the stock price after the survey of the 5 trading days, performed better than the previous investigation of the 5 trading days. Statistics show that the 5 trading days before the survey, the average price of the shares of the 111 listed companies rose by up to $0.42%; and after the survey of the 5 trading days, their share price rose by an average of 1.59%, an increase of 1.17 percentage points. In August, surveyed 5 trading days after the increase is the largest sudawei, with respect to the 5 trading days prior to the survey rose 40.63%; environmental trimer, ocean motor, Angela technology, seagull bathroom and Hisense Kelon this value is more than 10%. From August after the survey has been the biggest increase in stock prices, the largest.相关的主题文章: