14 news Ying Qi Investment Holdings earned 5.06% won the Zhou Guanjun hot Niugu foldercure

14 news: Ying Qi investment hot earn 5.06% weeks was heavily loaded Niugu Championship sponsored by the Tencent finance, Chinese CIC securities as exclusive securities "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting today to enter the third day, ten institutions have changed hands, currently ranked first in the" Ying Qi investment – Du Jialin "in the 3 trading days yield 5.06% won the first trading week champion, the player yesterday even failed to enter the top ten. Today the two cities affected by external shocks, market impact, A shares opened slightly lower, the stock index around 3000 point integer within a narrow range, and even a few late wave small diving, repeatedly breakdown in 3000, but at the last minute to recover at 3000 positions, all day long trading volume shrinking again. The disk, smart wear, apple concept, augmented reality continued strong yesterday, gold plate afternoon rebound; graphene, railway infrastructure, finance, banking, cement, building materials and other decliners PPP concept. Despite the market downturn, but from the "private expert meeting" contest on the list, the top ten institutions in order to obtain high yield, basically have adopted an aggressive strategy. 10 institutions have eight full warehouse, a position in more than 80%, only 1 positions in the 67%. Experts are making full use of the trading time. But in all the 463 participating institutions, there are still a lot of sound is still empty. Take a look at today’s total revenue ranking, Ying investment – Du Jialin suddenly won the first Habitat, the agency yesterday did not even appear in the top ten, full of a black market. Look at his position, the most heavily loaded Huangshanghuang trading today, the stock is high leading recently announced yesterday, ex registration date is September 21st, today Dikaigaozou late closed limit, while the back reading into the leader, is undoubtedly a superb technique; the agency also held by CITIC Guoan, junior water, Jun Group are the recent hot tap, tap resilience strong, inflation to fall; speculation on the tap, it is worthy of private market dark horse. Second of the little Hao Hao is the first place yesterday, today’s revenue of 4.55%, compared with yesterday to shrink a point. From 2 he zhongcanggu positions on yesterday, Shigekura Ssangyong shares out today, the stock trading yesterday, today Gaokaidizou, massive release, delivery location is very good; the current positions of pulaike, qscc, Pegasus refined in the low underwayunderway position, even the two also appeared in the low start after the callback, hot strength temporarily not leading, but the location is very low, the agency is selected to buy midline opportunities. "Best investment" ranked third, 90% positions, he gains today also reached 1.15%, 4.34% of total revenue. Awkwardness for Qinling Mountains cement, the stocks in early trading down, fell nearly 3 points, but the positions due to dispersion, good performance and other stocks today today good income today top ten institutions, 2 institutions are "exposed face" competition, are currently ranked third in the "Anhui Po investment limited and seventh," Hunan Yu na". In addition to the two face to face the organization to enter the top ten congratulations! Because of the "private expert meeting" contest rules, single stocks stock positions shall be.相关的主题文章: