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175 thousand Yuantao to a condition of excellent 2011 BMW 2.5 automatic car [vehicle] – Sohu turnover models: BMW three series 2011 325i 2.5 automatic fashion mileage: 88 thousand and 779 km transfer registration date: 2011.10 times: 1 times the new car fare: 338 thousand and 400 yuan price: 175 thousand yuan Amoy car Advisor: small mushrooms Car Buying [demand] Mr. Wang, as an advertising company in Beijing sales director, almost every day to go out to meet clients. Mr. Wang, there are old and small, and the North drift, greater economic pressure. Usually talk about business is open to all the old section of the Elantra meet with the client is very diaojia. A customer said to him, "I drive from you can see your strength and ability, so, how dare I cooperate with you?". Although this sentence is a bit of a point, but from a certain point of view there is still some truth. Silaixiangqu, Mr. Wang decided to buy a second-hand BMW 3 series, from the consideration on the hedge ratio and the face is a rational choice. [] Mr. Wang Car Buying concerns at work transaction processing capability, but how to choose a second-hand car is at a loss. In his own words, "in the used car market to go over again, I completely Mongolia circle. The same model in the price can be a difference of tens of thousands, because I do not understand the used car, so I can not see the good or bad, in case of an accident to buy a car on the rest of the food." Mr. Wang’s concerns, but also a lot of plans to buy second-hand car users are worried about the problem. Therefore, Mr. Wang completely abandoned the intention of buying a car alone, decided to ask friends how to buy second-hand car. A friend told him, is through a "fair price VIP Car Buying" channel to help him buy a car, and suggested that he also submitted Car Buying demand in the "fair price VIP Car Buying" page, get professional help he washes the car, therefore, only the small mushrooms help Mr. Wang Amoy car. [diary] Amoy car small mushrooms in a fair price of APP vehicles in the city according to Mr. Wang’s request was selected in accordance with the terms of the BMW three series, carefully view the basic situation of each car, locked the car from the excellent channel platform 2011 BMW 325i fashion and 2 vehicles of other platforms BMW 320i. Communicate with Mr. Wang, learned that he is more inclined to the 2011 section of the 2.5 BMW 325i automatic fashion model of this car. Have to say, Mr. Wang vision, 2011 BMW 325i has a classic 2.5L inline six cylinder engine can not let 3 lines on the road is too irritable, hard driving, and can provide enough power and rolling. When the driver wants to be wild, this power is enough to drive him crazy. At the same time, the braking performance of 325i is also very good, whether it is a gentle braking or emergency braking, it can give the driver a strong self-confidence. Since the phase of the car, immediately made contact with the small mushroom excellent letter service, nice car agreed time and place, and then small mushrooms with Mr. Wang to see the destination. After a small mushroom a相关的主题文章: