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The 2 year old children falling 25 floor 3 floor platform mud temporarily save a life original title: 2 year old children falling 25 floor to 3 floor of the platform mud temporarily saved his life property company personnel found the child falling position, head position in the soil depth of ten cm around 1:30 in the afternoon of October 20th, in Yibin the international community Jiang’an District of B, a 2 year old boy not to fall from the 25 story building, fell on the third floor of the platform. After the fall, the child actually turned over a body, began to cry. The original 3 building owners in the platform pile of vegetables, soil buffer temporarily saved the child’s life. At present, in addition to the child head injury, right arm and right leg fracture, the most serious injury in the lungs, still in the treatment of ICU. Jiang’an District Security International Mr. Zhou introduced, workers in the renovation of the 14 layer of the residents of the home at the time of the incident, see objects falling out of the window, looking down from the window, "that fall is a child lying on the 3 floor of the platform on the muddy ground, still moving." Mr. Zhou said, the workers immediately went downstairs at the door, and went to the property management center for help. Subsequently, Mr. Zhou, who call 120 to support the request, while running to the incident floor. "When we ran to the crash site, the child had turned over and cried." Mr. Zhou in the help of workers and owners of the 3 floor, the children rushed to the Anxian People’s Hospital. According to the child’s mother Ms. yuan, child falls this year is less than 2 years of age. More than a month ago, she went out to work, the two son entrusted to her mother. Two children have been playing in the bed, grandma in the laundry. Downstairs to hear someone shouting, grandma to the room to find the grandson, find that children disappeared, did not know the child falls. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters saw in the incident, on the 3 floor platform, the owners of a foot thick soil, ready to plant vegetables. The child after landing, hit the pit a humanoid in the mud, the position of the head in the soil depth of ten cm. "If not with soil, children must die." Ms. Yuan said that children with head injuries, right arm and right leg fracture, the most serious injury in the lungs, is still in the treatment of ICU. Not every child falls are warning so lucky children fall high similar phenomenon has occurred many times, who has repeatedly reminded: parents are advised not to pick the windows of the room as a children’s room, don’t be a bed in the windowsill. The best solution is to close all potentially dangerous windows. Chengdu Daily reporter noted that many floors of the incident ban was installed outside the window fence, but the owners did not install. However, not every child who falls are so lucky. Chengdu Daily reporter learned that retrieval, two years in Yibin and the surrounding areas to occur at least 4 children were killed accidentally falls incident. Therefore, parents must always pay attention to the safety of their children, must not be careless. Chengdu Daily reporter Luo Min photo source: Chengdu daily editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: