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2017 Ford new Mondeo Guangzhou auto show listed for sale 179 thousand and 800 new net – 2017 Ford new Mondeo in new network on 18 November, 18, 2017 Ford new Mondeo listed on the Guangzhou auto show. As the example of a car designed for urban elite to create the 2017 Ford, the new Mondeo is to meet the demand of today’s urban elite, and conform to the trend of intelligent automobile industry, Chi Chi, Chi Qing, to bring consumers safe, green and convenient to have car experience, set up the senior car city network technology car model. With the continuous development of science and technology, human society has entered the era of intelligent automobile industry is also showing a trend of Chi, Chi Qing, zhaopin. Changan Ford has always been committed to the market and consumer demand driven, and will continue to be more and more innovative technology products and technology into the Chinese market." Changan Ford Automobile Sales & Service Co., vice president of marketing Liu Yuehai said, "2017 Ford new Mondeo and trend, will present a new technology to China wanglian car consumers, high-end car market will heavy tree model." 2017 Ford new Mondeo set Ford global resources and advanced science and technology have made it not only reflects the Ford global brand DNA, but also reflects the Changan Ford fully consider the needs of consumers, continue to practice Chinese consumers to provide quality products for commitment. "Changan Ford Ford adhering to the world’s advanced concept cars, is committed to using advanced production technology and world-class innovative technology, providing intelligent and green car life for China consumers." Changan Ford Automobile Sales Company Limited Deputy General Manager Cao Zhenyu said, "the new Mondeo 2017 Ford new upgrade, set forward innovative technology, green wisdom engine, a new intelligent Internet platform for advanced technology, bring in first-class car ownership experience at the same time to the urban elite, will also become a strong power boost the sustainable development of Changan Ford." 2017 Ford new Mondeo provides EcoBoost® for China consumers; two kinds of engine and hybrid power system, the Department launched a total of 11 models, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is as follows: 2017 Ford new Mondeo models MSRP (RMB) 2.0HEV, the flagship 2.0HEV Ho Chi EcoBoost® 245 flagship EcoBoost® 245 extreme type EcoBoost® 245 luxury sport luxury EcoBoost® EcoBoost® 200; 200 are EcoBoost® 180 extreme type EcoBoost® 180 EcoBoost® luxury fashion; 180 EcoBoost® 180   comfortable type; comprehensive than to create intelligent driving experience with the development of automobile industry, Chi Chi, Chi Qing trend, the new Mondeo 2017 Ford should be to set potential Ford SAST.相关的主题文章: