2017 property prices will fall into the risk of 4 banks fear-vstart

In 2017 the market risk will be the outbreak of prices fell into 4 banks fear [Abstract] regulation is getting closer and closer to us, has been in a threatening manner to us these days, said in 2017 China market risk may be concentrated outbreak of the article up, people’s daily also forwarded the "price" bubble ": in 2017 the real estate market risk or" this article will focus on the outbreak, even recently cannon in the prediction market, he believes that the real estate market prices will continue until the end of the year, many people think he is a good cheer in predicting the market, but no one asked him what is the meaning of the second sentence. How to go after the end of the year? Even if it does not crash, but also the end of the house prices rose! Even if prices do not rise, not fall, may have been the market news. "The real estate market in 2017 will begin to adjust." Many developers in the near future to make such a judgment. It is reported that a very active in the market price of housing in a closed door meeting, said the end of 2017 or early 2018, the real estate market will begin to adjust. 2017 prices rose 0. Why is it so concentrated that the adjustment will take place in 2017? Simply said, in 2016, a second tier city market is crazy, in 2015 the new media editor when judged in the deserted market prices in 2016 will certainly rose, because there are multiple favorable policies and to inventory the call, prices will certainly rise. But the rise in prices this year is coming to an end, excessive prices will inevitably lead to market regulation, don’t say the regulation does not work, as long as the real execution, no use, no matter that it is time for a long time, it is a matter of expediency regulation. The regulation of the footsteps getting closer and closer to us, has been in a threatening manner to us. Economic downturn, the reality of the real estate alone, the top can not be unclear. How to get rid of it, obviously regulation is only a short back, later also will have no more killer. North Guangzhou Shenzhen four tier cities, including the country’s nine cities, the implementation of a different degree of restriction and limited credit policy. Second tier property market, Suzhou and Xiamen to implement the restriction policy, Hefei, Nanjing, Wuhan introduced a limited credit policy. Like Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other places on the road regulation. The risk of the property market in the end where? It is too hot. The most expensive land prices soaring, frequency, these are the surface reaction, behind the role of capital flows. The addition of leverage is also considered to be the focus of the outbreak of the property market risk incentives. According to Caixin News reported that, at least, including the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the people’s livelihood, CITIC and other banks have launched a housing credit products, the majority of the amount of 3 million, some banks do not even have the upper limit. According to the charge rate, banks generally believe that the risk of housing loan against mortgage loans is consistent with. The results of the bank stress test is that house prices fell 30%-40%, banks will not lose. Banks said that the fear of falling prices mean? Because the market risk in place, everyone can see, that does not allow house prices fall, so in such expectations, the market risk will be more agglomeration, until the risks like a bomb, detonated at any time possible. And look back at the market, really)相关的主题文章: