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360 telecommunications fraud report released: Beijing exhaled telephone fraud telephone fraud Phoenix technology news on September 7th, 360 released today, the analysis of the situation of the 2016 China Telecom fraud report. This is China’s first telecommunications fraud analysis based on large data analysis report, according to the characteristics of fraud phone made a division. The report shows that the phone has become one of the most important types of harassing phone calls. If further consideration is given to the economic losses and other serious consequences that may be caused by the fraudulent telephone, the telephone has become the most serious type of harassing phone calls. According to the sampling analysis of August 2016 360 mobile phone guards to intercept telephone fraud case shows that in the fraud phone number source, the number of telephone fraud exhaled most, accounting for all fraud call volume 56%; followed by phone 400800, accounted for 27.1%; mobile phone call from the telephone fraud accounted for only 15.4% of the total fraud telephone call the amount of fraud, and even less than 400800 of electricity outgoing number. In addition, there are 1.2% of the incoming telephone fraud from outside, other types do not meet the basic standard telephone number (number of fraud may be generated by changing software or some can call the phone software) accounted for only 0.5% of the amount of fraud telephone call. Visible, fixed telephone number and telephone number 400800 should become the focus of telephone fraud governance. According to a sample of 360 mobile guards intercepted telephone fraud in August 2016 showed that the number of virtual operators accounted for about 3.6% of the total number of fraudulent phone calls. According to the statistics in August 2016 360 Mobile Phone Guardian users Tucao information "analysis showed that: in all users received telephone fraud, false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%, such fraud is particularly prevalent in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen city. Followed by identity fraud, accounting for 21.6%. All kinds of false business calls is a large number of users Tucao telephone fraud types, including selling illegal business fraud 10.2%, selling counterfeit and shoddy goods 8.4%, selling fake fake doctors and health products 2.4%. In addition, there are courier fraud 3.6%, false winning fraud of the top 3.3%, the preferential discount fraud, other types of 4.5%, 2.8%. Fraud in financial management and identity fraud, the largest number of false securities, accounting for 32.9%. Followed by false loans, accounting for 25.6%. False precious metals investment accounted for 8.4%, false insurance accounted for 4.5%. In the eyes of many users, the phone to sell health care products, selling insurance, even if the promotion of legitimate businesses legitimate goods, many users also appear in the promotion of practical things, so will be considered to be fraud. The following figure gives the identity of the type of fraud class distribution. It can be seen that the number of fraud posing as telecom operators most, accounted for 30.3%; the second is posing as leaders, accounting for 24.7%; the third is posing as health insurance, social security institutions, accounting for 14.6%, then there are: as the relevant departments accounted for 6.7%. Posing as customer service 6.7%, posing as Bank of 6.2%. Posing as public security 4.5%, posing as the school 3.4.相关的主题文章: