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"Long March five" has been the first test of the violent explosion of the first exposure of the screen – Sohu news November 3, 2016, China’s new generation of large launch vehicles, "Long March five" in Wenchang, China launched a successful launch of the space launch site. Behind the "fat five" first flew successfully, all the people had called the three hours of the most thrilling Chinese in the history of space flight. November 3rd at half past five pm, from the scheduled launch time and a half hours, the atmosphere suddenly tense launch hall. After an emergency inspection, field staff found a rocket booster oxygen exhaust pipe problems. After judgment does not affect the launch, the system decided to postpone the launch window to seven pm. However, the scene of a ring, a new problem appears again. CCTV reporter at the scene to record the process of striking one snag after another we look together, the scene was thrilling. 114 test the engine a few seconds was burning scrap as early as 1980s, Chinese space began brewing and planning China new generation launch vehicle, developed countries in October 2006, officially launched the long march five rocket engineering. These years, there are difficult to tackle the problem, there are setbacks and challenges, each step is China’s space into the era of the great rocket left mark. In the long march five, the proportion of new technology is more than 90%, there are tens of thousands of people involved. Because of its sturdy physique, the developers gave it a nickname: "fat five". A week before the launch of the "fat five" by the vertical transport reached the starting point it flying, to participate in the mission of the space people accompany it completed the walk upright, they said, feeling like to send their children to college entrance examination. Aerospace Science and technology group six deputy chief designer of the long march rocket number five Wang Weibin: many people say that five first flight can be successful, the key is to look at the big thrust engine performance. Engaged in space for nearly thirty years, this is the 54 year old Wang Weibin, the first time to participate in the mission, all these years, he only focus on doing one thing, that is the development of hydrogen engine. The long march five used four oxygen engine, which means that he and his colleagues tested twenty years of painstaking efforts for the first time. Wang Weibin: really still a little worried, after all, is the first development, the first flight. Ground test and future flight environment, after all, there are differences. Both look forward to it, and a little worried, because the use of hydrogen engine liquid hydrogen and oxygen as fuel, high performance, no pollution, but the risk is very big, there is no experience to follow, only while testing research. Over the past twenty years, the Wang Weibin team has run a test of 114 times, experienced a variety of large and small failure, so that he was most impressed by the end of the year of a test run by the end of 2012. Wang Weibin: metal fuel in strong oxidizing environment itself is fuel, so a few seconds to make the engine burn into a pile of scrap metal. The engine delivery time, the rocket’s first flight time, have been determined, so the pressure is huge. Through technical research for more than four months, they finally found the Wang Weibin fault, the reliability of the engine is increased to 0.9898, with a strong "Chinese heart",.相关的主题文章: