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With the continued depreciation of the RMB QDII and U.S. financial – favored Sohu financing this year’s National Day holiday since the dollar has a new low. In this regard, a number of financial analysts believe that investors are now the main choice of U.S. dollars and other foreign investment products such as QDII funds and financial products. How to avoid the damage caused by the devaluation of assets, the general manager of Guangzhou agricultural firm wealth management department Chen Zehui suggested that investors can choose the holdings of dollars investment products in their portfolio, such as financial products; or foreign direct investment products, such as Chinese banks overseas preferred shares, Asian dollar bonds. In the long run, you can also invest in gold. A shares in the retail sector also said that investors can be based on individual needs, do some hedge asset allocation, on the one hand is the QDII fund, on the other hand is the allocation of gold. However, with the growing wealth of residents, the current market in the amount of QDII in a shortage situation. In abroad, the RMB investment mode is also different, "investors choose less in the territory, a dollar or other foreign currency products, another is the QDII of the fund; and you can choose the overseas insurance, bonds, foreign currency or Hong Kong stocks and other financial products." Chen Baixuan, chief economist at Wall Street (International) wealth management limited. Recent devaluation of the RMB rate accelerated, investors have also changed the way of investment. Chen Baixuan said, before investors in high risk investment trust funds and other financial products will be more, now many people went to Hongkong to buy insurance, financial products or low risk products banks, there are a lot of people to enter the real estate sales. Chen Zehui believes that due to the domestic available dollar assets are not many, therefore, low risk financial products revenue dollar deposit rate is low, and the dollar is not very different, but customers are willing to choose to invest in overseas public fund. In addition, the recent investors, especially the United States has some rigid spending customers, if there is a need to study the parents will take the initiative to consult how to choose the dollar products. In addition, the recent devaluation of the renminbi, the aforementioned shares of the retail sector said that although the devaluation of the RMB pressure, but the overall control, short-term fluctuations in the space is not large. There are two main reasons: first, the devaluation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, a basket of currencies is stable; two is the RMB has joined the SDR, is moving towards internationalization.相关的主题文章: