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How to add baby foods, treasure mother the more of the baby better – Sohu treasure mom A: my mother Dabao does not eat food supplement, my milk was not enough, but I’m worried to death! Treasure the mother B: if you give Dabao early complementary feeding? We come 6 months, eat good food. Treasure the mother A: what? I don’t know what time and see or ask from October? No. 136th pediatric problem record foods are necessities over 4-6 months baby, is the foundation of baby healthy life. Because the food in addition to give the baby to add nutrients, promote their healthy growth, gastrointestinal function can also be better training and baby chewing physiological function. But every time I come to ask mom do not know what time to add a food supplement? How to add a food supplement? So, today, I will record this problem, for your mother’s reference, note the end of the note is also attached to a variety of nutrients contained in the table of food, mothers are also collections! Treasure the mother will question 1 how to determine the need to add a food supplement? This question has been asked many times…… I said mother is good! Well, generally speaking, complementary start adding time should be over 4-6 months, from the earliest full 4 months (fifth months) to start. Tip: add to stage for complementary 4-6 months, mothers actually not too demanding food intake of children, encourage children interested in diet was the first one to complete the goal. In addition to months of age, as well as the following points can be used to determine whether the baby need to add a food supplement by weight: the baby weight at birth reached 2 times (nubao not less than 5kg, male is not less than 6kg). * the amount of milk: breastfeeding baby feeding frequency increased significantly; drink baby formula, the same with the usual amount of milk, but still want to cry. * body development: the baby can control the upper body, can be said to want to eat food through the back, forward, backward movement. This behavior: the baby is similar to grab Baba Mama meal, dishes like behavior, that the baby to eat with interest. Treasure the mother will question 2 how to add the food supplement? Before the burst of a mother to consult me, she said to his 4 month old baby off some small shrimp on the vegetables from the mud, then the baby has been poor digestion, often crying. Bacteria, said the 4 month old baby’s digestive system is very weak, not enough to digest meat! Bacteria emphasize that you add complementary in mother don’t worry, the complementary principle should be gradual, but also to increase food types of baby’s acceptance as a standard, and not the subjective intention of mom and dad. So, in October on record for all bacteria, summed up the four complementary principle, mom and dad need to remember yo ~ (1) to a variety of mothers from a baby according to the nutritional needs and digestive ability gradually increase the types of food. When the baby is full 4 months after the initial feeding is the best infant nutrition Rice noodles, infant nutrition has been fortified with calcium Rice noodles!相关的主题文章: