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Baby Jiang Shuying love a star hand wearing a jacket to eat soil will buy lead: "Dohi round" is a word from the network, used to describe a plain face, fat, poor image of the girls. The more bloated winter, want to reverse "and circle" image as a black motorcycle leather is an essential tool for slimming. Zhao Liying is wearing a fur coat and most of the women to the atmosphere, capable, sexy impression. Walking in the street, they will undoubtedly become a landscape to attract people’s attention. Jiang Shuying constantly changing the temperature, wearing a jacket is absolutely the best choice. A leather jacket trousers can solve all the problems, fashionable and handsome, with a skirt can also wear a sweet feeling, still warm enough. Fan Bingbing jacket is perfect for the street shape of a single product, the leather texture can be very good to let you experience the "cool" meaning, and it is a all-match single product, as long as you want to create a look capable, handsome choose leather jacket must be right. But, do you also lose your interest in leather jackets? "The Professional" in "The Professional" Natalie – Portman played a small Lolita Matilda for our demonstration of girls wearing a jacket like the sweetest! Thin girls direct collocation skirt to be sure, with a most popular winter this year under a Velvet Choker fashion Icon is you! Song Jia winter to keep warm, the collocation of tight pants is the most all-match. The upper part of the jacket is loose, the lower part of the body must choose some tight style, so it can be some tall. Song Jia leather chose the black and white gradient color printing, very unique, eye-catching. Perhaps you never think of Yang Mi, when the spring collision tough cool sense of the motorcycle jacket and soft light, unexpectedly also has a stylish effect so amazing. Yang Mi Hale jacket floral skirt collocation, wandering between the handsome and charming woman. Li Yuchun Li Yuchun was wearing a black leather with a black shirt, with tight black pants, her figure and temperament are very suitable for wearing fur, is very domineering, no wonder a fashion darling. Zhao Liying put on small motorcycle leather shorts collocation, baseball cap, really not stock boy, bad boy’s whims, two small waist, but looks cute. Liu Shishi Liu Yingjun used the profile of the full sense of the wine red short small leather collocation assembly plaid shirt, denim pants feet, a pair of red boots and leather Vicenza, reveal a faint retro small woman’s breath. AngelaBaby Angela Baby (AngelaBaby) on children’s jacket love us either privately or obvious to people, activities, you can see her with a fur coat to pose, activity Baby chose this small leather suit, bright surface design increase handsome sense, design A word skirt pull length ratio! AngelaBaby private street beat Look, Baby wore a velvet collar Lamb Leather, a cartoon T-shirt added a pair of jeans and playful sense, with.相关的主题文章: