childhood “| mom, I would like to live in the villa “| – Sohu maternal 霍金hawking

["] childhood; mother, I want to live in the villa " – Sohu; maternal mother nagging Miao holiday is over, if you like me, have not completely switch to state? How was your holiday? We did not go to the scenic holiday this year thoroughly clogging, the out and out to put a long holiday, 7 days, almost is to turn off the mobile phone and computer, enjoy to stay away from the noisy city, "villa", hee hee; these days is the feeling of eye and neck is really comfortable, daily the work is too much time in front of a screen, dry eyes, cervical discomfort is inevitable, I never work… And… How could that be, ha ha; today back to work, should continue to share child nutrition related content and all, but thought, or write down the heart want to record text ~ note about Miao Xiaoniu’s childhood, think of childhood is too short, the morning I was still feeling, is really a child grow up, just to the Miao bought a new pair of pants, it looked a bit long, morning Try it on, found just good, really have no worries about the long Miao ah ~ "Mom, I want to live in the villa" today I don’t have much written records, really do not have too many pictures, because the holiday is to give myself completely off mobile phone almost did not touch, only some photos, records about childhood short text record ~ why Miao Miao villa ~ these days, from 6, we returned to Nanjing, Miao Miao has been shouting, Mom I want to live in the villa, I want to live in the villa…… experienced several vacation tourist attractions crowded, we changed the strategy, must go to a few people where the real Baba went to the Miao old old old old home ~ Jiangsu Yancheng in a small village. First, because of Miao Miao’s grandparents live in the county, rarely have the opportunity to come here, here. The sparsely populated, a village not many households, and is 70 years of age or older people living in, in addition to the holiday, here almost can not see the young man with a violin ~ ~ take on this job, we ~ ~ practice in the field of violin homework in the yard, practicing the violin in the backyard there is a small river dog, cat in the side with the sun, the soybean harvest of soybeans ~ ~ to learn is how to play soy ~ try it yourself ~ good beans, we also brought back a part of this morning, drinking at home is the new Soybean Milk play ~ there are beans Miao chick work ah ~ every time I see all agricultural tools in rural areas, farmers feel the wisdom is the lever ~ in the morning, we go fishing shrimp, crab, eel…. although very small, but the taste is very happy, but Endless fun ~ salvaged victories, have become a table delicacy ~ shrimp, crab, farm eel, leek, beans, vegetables, duck, duck… Are green home-made food, delicious dinner ~ in the yard, for Miao Xiaoniu is a special kind of enjoyment; after the family sat in the yard chat, go out for a walk after dinner leisurely comfortable ~ ~ here the sky light the night sky twinkling look ~ ~!相关的主题文章: