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Bank of communications eleventh years will help entrepreneurs – tech Sohu scoop November 17th news: November 9th, executive vice president of the association of small and medium sized commercial enterprises Chinese Ren Xinglei was invited to attend the 2016 bank small micro customer service group design competition finals. During the event, the bank Chinese and the eleventh annual meeting of the Organizing Committee China entrepreneurs reached a strategic partnership, and determine the chairman Niu Ximing will attend the November 27th afternoon held in the Great Hall of the opening ceremony of the annual meeting. 2016 the annual meeting of China’s small and medium enterprises will be held on November 25-28 in Beijing. By the association of small and medium-sized enterprises, Chinese Chinese occupation education agency, China Commercial Federation, the KMT Central Committee, the Central Committee, the Democratic League Central, central, central, peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, 93, the Central Institute of the Central Party and other social services department jointly organized. The year will be led by the China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, held for ten consecutive years, China small entrepreneurs will be included in the national Ministry of Commerce has become a key support for the project in the SME sector, the industry event once a year. This year a total of 3 days, held in financing, agriculture, pension, health, business, commerce, humanities, new exhibition and cultural creative 12 forums, is expected to nearly 100 local governments, research institutes, institutions in the country, a total of more than 3000 entrepreneurs attended. From the eleventh session of China entrepreneurs annual meeting of the organizing committee was informed that after nearly ten years of accumulation, this year in addition to support from the bank China outside, also received the Construction Bank, contractor bank, China qishang bank, Baidu and other brands continue to support, at the same time, there are some new strategy the cooperation unit, such as Cerberus capital group, Chinese small commodities city group, Beijing Automotive Group, Dunhuang network, mobile phone, 8848 titanium zhanteng investment group, Overlord group and other famous enterprises home and abroad. Their participation in support, will further promote the development of SMEs in China to provide more diversified channels and means. The organizing committee also revealed that this year confirmed the presence of heavyweight guests gathered. Such as the National School of Administration executive vice president Ma Jiantang, Vice Minister of finance Zhu Guangyao Zhang Zhigang, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, the State Department counselor Liu Zhiren, Ge Zhirong, Guo Ting Jie and Liu Jian, the famous economist He Keng, Xu Shanda, Ren Yuling, Tang Min, Qiu Xiaohua, Yao Yang, Ma Guangyuan, as well as the contractor bank chairman Li Zhenxi, qishang bank chairman Gao Chuanyong, Microsoft venture Chinese accelerator CEO Luo Bin, founder of Cerberus Capital Group Chairman Zhu Min, vice president of Baidu Wang Lu, Chinese Commodity City Group Chairman Zhu Limited by Share Ltd and other financial institutions and enterprises Daga?. Annual meeting duly convened has entered the countdown, a most small and medium-sized enterprises anticipated annual show will show, feast has after cooking, awaiting guests tasted. [Internet] [source: McKinley] commissioning editor: Wang相关的主题文章: