Tsinghua freshmen entrance pass the completion of telecommunications fraud evaluation (video) 姉summer

Tsinghua freshmen entrance pass: the completion of telecommunications fraud and other mobile assessment, China Unicom, telecom mobile phone users pay attention to this new telecommunications fraud has just emerged! Beijing in August 26, "Shandong girl cheated light fees stagnation in the heart died the news spread throughout the network, they aimed at teenagers angry on telecommunications fraud. National Colleges and universities into the school season, for college freshmen fraud or will enter the high incidence". In this regard, Tsinghua University freshmen how to see, how to do Tsinghua University? August 25th, the reporter came to Tsinghua University to understand the situation. Received the admission notice was asked to complete the evaluation, I think that college students can not hear two things outside the window, we should learn more about some of the cases of fraud, to be able to guard against." A student studying materials science and engineering from Guangxi, told reporters that he had received a text message fraud, such as winning the message from the avenue of stars. "I had earlier received a notice of 10086 points exchange links, but did not operate a few steps let me enter the bank card account number and password." When it comes to fraud, the students angry, there are endless words. What tricks may encounter when the new school? Wang Mingxuan, director of student apartment Affairs Department of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with reporters, from the beginning of this year, when the freshmen receive admission notice will be required to complete the assessment of a question bank. Students through the Property Center Tsinghua home network WeChat platform for accommodation safety assessment, only through the evaluation of the students to watch their assigned quarters. The title of the problem, involving telecommunications fraud cases, transportation, fire safety knowledge, totaling about five hundred or six hundred questions. This year admitted more than 3300 freshmen, but received a 4000 feedback." Wang Mingxuan told reporters: "we found that there are 2800 people in the filter, which shows that among the freshmen have nearly 600 people in a variety of questions to answer. The school sent the admission notice, also with a variety of security information to remind freshmen before may encounter fraud, security for students to play a good shot." The new need to understand in "safety training record" sign on the reporter, is the focus of University small meat fraud. Some liar fake love mentor senior, some posing as a teacher of life. In view of this situation, Wang Mingxuan told reporters that the new apartment occupancy, building a long and one by one to each dormitory counselors "to prevent fraud on safety tips". Students need one by one in "safety training record form" sign after listening, and each floor of the building will be a platform for WeChat word collocation notice of the students sent. Electronic safety column publicity and corridor of the LED screen and also play a role of publicity. Once the case of telecommunications fraud, what students experienced what things, we do not believe that a phone call and other information will be notified to the students in the first time. The teachers and students together to education, campaign to ensure safety "I think that college students raise awareness is the focus of my vigilance is very strong, with 400 at the beginning of the phone I will not answer, because it can avoid a lot of sales calls." Wu from Xiamen told reporters about her vacation experience story. In the delivery of a holiday when someone hit home phone!相关的主题文章: