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The reasons are mostly in the battery explosion but also some mobile phone manufacturers use common sense can help you [editor’s note] technology Tencent Samsung Note7 mobile phone explosion incident is continuing fermentation, because the battery quality problems, Samsung announced that sold in the global market of Note7 mobile phone. Several foreign media said that the mobile phone battery explosion is mostly in the responsibility of manufacturers, because when they are in the design and production of battery does not ensure their safety, however, there are some mobile phone users to use common sense, can also help to avoid the occurrence of accidents of the battery. The following is the original text: the principle of the battery work and "heat out of control" to understand the safety of the battery, we need to understand the working principle of the battery. The battery has two electrodes, which have a positive ion electrode, known as cathode. The cathode is the place where the fuel is stored. There are negative ions at another electrode, called anode. During charging, lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode. When using the battery, the lithium ion moves from the anode to the cathode. The chemical between the cathode and the anode is called an electrolyte. It can help the electric ions move and conduct electricity. The current electrolyte is mainly liquid. Although the ions need to move from one electrode to the other, the two electrodes must not be in contact with each other. So the battery manufacturer inserts a separator between the cathode and the prototype. "Now the baffles are made really thin, so that the battery will be more slim." Buchtmann, founder and chief executive officer of CADEX, a battery maker, said Buchmann (Isidor). The problem with the Galaxy Note 7 battery is that there are defects in the separator, and the two electrodes can not be separated properly. "This is one of the worst, because the battery is likely to fire or even explode." Yache said. The electrolyte itself is not stable, and the movement of the ions in it also brings instability. When a large amount of heat — whether through the two electrode contact with each other or just because the external electrolyte overheating — may react with other chemicals, produce gas, releasing more heat. As the chemical reaction occurs repeatedly, the gas releases more and more heat at a faster and faster rate. This process will produce a "runaway" and could cause a fire to burn. This is why many mobile phones will automatically shut down when overheating. But the battery explosion may also be caused by other reasons. Battery overcharge or charging too fast, are likely to cause the battery fire or explosion. Battery overcharge is often the responsibility of manufacturers to overcharge as much water in the bucket. It doesn’t matter if there is too much water in the bucket. But for the battery, overcharge, there will be too much lithium into the anode. Princeton University materials scientist Dan Sterngat (Dan Steingart), said the battery is like a rubber band. When you charge the battery, it’s like stretching rubber bands. When you use the battery, it’s like releasing the rubber band. If you are stretching the rubber band, it will be broken, and the battery overcharge, it also will be broken. But excessive charge.相关的主题文章: