The whole assembly is expected to end MPV Beiqi Benz suspended screen sql2005安装图解

The whole assembly is expected to end MPV Beiqi Benz Benz suspended screen continued to rise China sales, are closely related to the design team benz. After BAIC and Benz cooperation, BAIC independent brand car platform, regardless of appearance, or interior design, have repeatedly seen traces of benz. It is understood Benz interior panorama, Benz technology in the field of MPV or the nurturing of Beiqi own brand. The future, BAIC will by cash Benz R blueprint for the launch of a new high-end MPV, Mercedes Benz car suspended screen is expected to line with the rich sense of science and technology. According to the present situation of Beiqi own brand, we also hypothesize that, under the existing three models MPV the most likely successor Beiqi Wei Wang, Benz technology in the field of MPV, a cash in China’s r. For Beiqi Wei Wang, with technical support to complete the Mercedes Benz brand in the high-end MPV market layout, is undoubtedly the most effective and safest way. Especially popular Benz suspended screen praise, have the ability to make Beiqi Wei Wang to achieve a qualitative leap in interior design. Winwon M50F interior – from June this year, the acquisition of Fujian Benz Benz MPV technology, to nurture Beiqi Wei Wang to transplant, suspended screen, a series of moves has shown that the high-end MPV market for Beiqi expection. According to insiders, some time ago Xu Heyi ‘s head to the chairman has Beiqi Zhuzhou factory to test drive over Benz technology Beiqi Wei Wang high-end MPV models. If Beiqi Wei Wang inherit perfectly Benz r interior style, and successfully assembled suspended screen, then the new models in the design concept, will probably lead independent MPV. We will also continue to focus on this model.相关的主题文章: