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Look, there’s a big announcement about your pension! The financial Sohu – the morning of October 25th, Ministry of human resources and social security (hereinafter referred to as the Department) held a press conference, the meeting, Ministry spokesman Li Zhong in the three quarter of the progress of work, said the pension market new progress. Li Zhong said the start pension fund investment operations, the organization of the first batch of provinces and the social security fund signed a contract, the announcement of the first batch of pension fund management institutions. Source: Oriental IC Li Zhong above statement, which means that pension investment in the stock market has been a big step. Low return on pension, multi-channel investment is imperative pension market is an old topic. August 23, 2015, when A shares the most difficult moment, the basic pension fund investment management approach (hereinafter referred to as the measures) was officially released on the same day. "Measures" on the scope of pension investment, the proportion of specific investments, financial information disclosure made specific requirements. "Approach" provides that pension funds are limited to domestic investment. Investment scope includes bank deposits, central bank bills, treasury bonds, listed securities investment funds, stocks, equity, stock index futures, bond futures, etc.. At the same time, the national major projects and major projects, pension funds can participate in investment in an appropriate manner. State owned key enterprises restructuring, listing, pension funds can carry out equity investment. Source: Oriental IC in the "measures" before, by the provincial and district social security institutions management, China pension fund asset allocation is relatively dispersed, the principles of the 1993 introduction of the "enterprise workers pension insurance fund management regulations", basically have invested in treasury bonds and the national bank to issue bonds or bank deposits. 2015, at the press conference of the Ministry of human resources and social, Minister of human resources and social department Yin Yumin also said that the pension fund investment operations to take a very prudent policy, in accordance with the provisions of the purchase of treasury bonds, deposit bank. Due to conservative investment, pension fund investment income is very limited. According to Huatai Securities Research Report, according to the Ministry of human resources and social situation, "announced Chinese pension development report" released by the interest income and other basic information can be inferred, Chinese basic endowment insurance fund investment income will remain at around 2%. If in accordance with the 2% investment income minus the level of inflation, the actual rate of return is negative, in 2000 to an average of 2015 years of actual investment income is about -0.25%, the annual depreciation of about 7 billion 200 million, overall, the basic old-age insurance fund increment ability is weak. Pension market security? There are people who know the stock market experience, the stock market is a higher risk of the market, pension funds into the stock market, although there is an opportunity to improve yields, but how to ensure the safety of pension? With regard to the above problems, the measures also set up the corresponding mandatory requirements. "Measures" provides that the proportion of pension investment stocks, equity funds, hybrid funds, equity based pension products, the total should not exceed 30% of the net assets of pension funds. Participate in stock index futures, bond futures"相关的主题文章: