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Survey shows that about 93% of Taiwan commuters have entrepreneurial dreams only 3 action – Beijing original title: Survey: Taiwan about 93% workers have been put into the new dream of entrepreneurship is only 30% agency action in Taipei on 20 September, a well-known Taiwan job site 20 issued a "labor venture dream survey, Taiwan 93.1% workers said they had entrepreneurial dreams, the highest record for nearly five years, but only 30% of them into action, most people want to take the" brand "business model. Taiwan in recent years, the level of wages back, many migrant workers did not pay for a long time, the rise of the idea of becoming a boss. University graduates after graduation have 13% youth unemployment rate, worried about the frustrating job, many people simply to start their own businesses. The survey found that up to 93.1% of office workers said he had had the dream of entrepreneurship, and this figure is rising year by year, last year was 92%, the previous year was, in 2013 was 90.2%. As for when to start a dream of entrepreneurship, 21.2% of respondents said that there is no out of the community had entrepreneurial dream, in the work of the past ten years (inclusive) or more, and there are still in the work of the three to four years in the past, the number of years, the number of respondents said that the number of people who have been in the business of the "dream" in the past 19.7% years". Working group on Entrepreneurial Model in their minds, the top five were: Facebook Zuckerberg, founder of Formosa Plastics Group founder Wang Yongqing, apple founder Jobs, and chairman of world champion Wu Baochun Baker, Hon Hai Terry Gou. Mainland Alibaba founder Jack Ma ranked sixth. Survey shows that entrepreneurs who had thought of entrepreneurship, 69.8% belong to have had a dream, but did not put into action". Of the 30.2% "action", more than half of them have ended or changed hands, and the rest are still in the process of preparation or operation. Overall, for those who have started, the average assessment period of 25.7 months, equivalent to spend more than two years, before the preparatory work. For the entrepreneurial model, most people still want to create their own brands, and said it would take the network and the physical path equal to the strategy. The survey by yes123 Qiuzhiwang from September 1, 2016 to September 13th, conducted a sample survey to the network questionnaire survey of 20 years (inclusive) above members, a total of 1458 valid questionnaires, the confidence level is 95%, the error is plus or minus 2.57%. (end)相关的主题文章: