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WeChat applications and iPhone 7, what can bring to the 3D audio – Sohu technology Lei Feng (search for "" public concern number): by the author of this article, Dr. Chen Xiaoliang, Ph.D., founder of sound science and technology. Lei Feng exclusive articles, please contact authorized reprint. WeChat, the online application is undoubtedly a heavy news, the past few days covering the media headlines, all areas of speculation in the important influence brought by APP application for WeChat. Although temporarily unable to confirm the details of WeChat applications in audio support, but WeChat in recent years, there are still a lot of surprises in terms of audio. WeChat audio support for two main ways, one is the built-in WeChat browser, and the other is JS-SDK, the development and application of these methods for different scenarios of the two. JS-SDK support for audio recording and recognition is mainly, but these two features are severely limited by their own WeChat, poor scalability, the current is mainly used in WeChat Native SDK integration scenarios. Before the introduction of WeChat applications, can really bring developers imagination is WeChat browser. WeChat browser was also very garbage, the old version of H5 and CSS3 support is very poor, once let developers Tucao for mobile terminal IE". April 2016, WeChat browser finally upgraded to the X5 Blink kernel, and Android and IOS platform compatibility is basically the same, then stir up a wave of development communities. WeChat browser to support what audio features? We used html5test to test the results as follows: you can see that the WeChat browser has fully supported the most important Web Audio API interface. Web Audio API is a H5 which is used to process and synthesize sound Java interface. This API can be used to write the game sound engine, as well as the realization of a variety of music editing software, such as editing and processing functions. In fact, the audio player on the Web has been relatively backward, before the H5 is mainly dependent on the form of Flash or QuickTime plug-ins. Prior to the sound experience, are basically dependent on the underlying APP driver or hardware built-in sound method. H5’s Audio tag is of great importance, which allows the basic streaming audio playback. However, the Audio tag can only provide developers with the ability to read, play, pause, and adjust the volume of the sound files, but it does not deal with more complex audio applications. For Web games or interactive applications based on complex, especially the game audio engine and desktop application in audio processing to achieve mixing, processing, filtering, sound, positioning and other functions, then you need to Web Audio API for processing. Web Audio API includes modular audio routing, support complex mix of high dynamic range audio processing, multi sampling precision and low delay audio processing, dynamic sound generation, sound envelope and fade and channel support.相关的主题文章: