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The car is easy to shoot the silent or pass due diligence to doubt the A thing has its cause. blocked financing Sohu technology from the car easy to shoot exposed E round of financing news has gone for a week, during the transaction on rumors, but the two sides did not make any formal speech, this also makes the transaction process more whirling, rumors about its students become more credible, more analysts pointed out that even if successful financing, single handedly built the car easy to shoot at CEO Yang Xuejian can escape the fate of the bureau. The data storage of water, pass due diligence in frequent rumors of speculation investors initially, Beiqi investment, but because the property between the two is not matching, then it is said that the investment is only in order to complete the production investment Beiqi own political task last ditch, which is in the process of due diligence investigation found in the car easily take data fraud, is still not completely out of. As everyone knows, in the Internet industry, user scale, transaction data often associated with the company’s valuation, the amount of financing is closely linked, so, in this circle, a very unspoken rule is raging scalping. User size, the number of orders, daily activities, monthly living and other operating data are huge moisture. Even the lies, the industry is often not exposed, because as long as you can get the next round of financing, there will be a higher price to pick up the disk, which will be the winner. In addition, there may be a cold winter in the capital, there are inevitably some second-hand car electricity supplier bubble. For investors, the need for careful screening projects. So, even if the media exposed the car easy to shoot 300 million yuan financing news, but the two sides still remain silent, roots are here. The blacksmith needs its own hardware, the car is easy to shoot this pile of "marriage" a little suck mentioned in media reports before Beijing, and the car is easy to shoot in the transaction all play each small abacus, one hand to cut through Beiqi second-hand car business, to complete its transformation of internet political task, on the other hand car easy to shoot fancy Beiqi industrial resources, to help its rapid increase the source of reserves, and trading volume for the promotion to lay a solid foundation. But if the car is easy to shoot really exist "capital chain rupture", probably only 300 million emergency, not strategic height. But once the major mistakes in investment decision of the investment project for the trader, Beiqi investment executives who would be very awkward. Coupled with the financing of the news has been ahead of both sides may also have a burst of. The financing success of the car is easy to shoot the fate of Yang Xuejian will not escape the bad luck Bureau recently, close to investment professionals BAIC said that if the financing transaction because of the unavoidable reasons come true, the car is easy to shoot CEO Yang Xuejian will be overhead even who was forced to the situation, the future of the car is easy to shoot co-founder or Xu Cai take over, or the appointment of executives and Beiqi joint management. In fact, financing after the completion of the transaction, the financing side suffered big shake example It is often seen. The recent easy to car, after being held as the music, including the big market, sales, operations, etc. almost all sectors of the top have been shuffled by the music as a party sent as vice president, and management.相关的主题文章: