A new map of the vanguard ecological monitoring station Antarctica and Oasis rewrite攻略�

Watch list: pioneer new map Antarctica and oasis ecological monitoring station: the original post? Tid=10332850 Map 1: ecological monitoring station in Antarctica: here was a cold cold research base, has also been Mei second hometown the map is currently only in the arcade mode: open 1v1, 3v3. Game mode similar to the arena in the WOW, the player can not be resurrected after death, until the end of the party, the end of the round. Background story: the monitoring station to watch the vanguard organization to monitor the earth’s climate change research site many years ago, a violent snowstorm cut off the monitoring station and the outside world all contact. Scientists in the station to be trapped, with dwindling supplies, they made a difficult decision: to enter the frozen warehouse dormant, awaiting future someone to rescue them years later, a rescue team came here. Unfortunately, in addition to Dr. Zhou Meiling, other scientists have no life. However, at that time, the vanguard of the organization has long been disbanded, the ecological monitoring stations around the long run. In the United States map records list of food: 8 barrels of bread 10 liters X package and "tea nutrition vermicelli also enough to eat for 4 days on Mei Happy birthday stickers map preview: open the door once the door is estimated kenny… The name on the door should be a former colleagues in this statement: Sina navigation sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: