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The "Five Pavilion" to straighten out the community comprehensive management of the problem — the Shanghai channel — original title: Juwei cadres autonomous creative method, to solve the residents and developers disputes ten years "Five Pavilion" to straighten out the community comprehensive management problem in 2014 Chung Yeung Festival, held the "100 feast of Tianshan mountain city". The Double Ninth Festival on the eve of more than 100 residents of Changning District new Jing Town residential area in the city of Tianshan, just decoration of a new community activity room in the community one hundred feast "once a year". Everyone from home with the same specialty with neighbors, property and neighborhood cadres share. Who would have thought that this is located in the basement of the residential area is the focus of conflict between residents and developers. Even more unexpected is that the turning point of all this was because the five pavilions in the village. People use them as autonomous position, in the course of time, the formation of a unique "cultural Pavilion Tianshan city". 500 square meters in the basement for 10 years before the date of grievances, the reporter walked into the Tianshan star city located in Weining road gate, spacious channel can accommodate two large trucks from different directions simultaneously out of the area, towering trees, small billboards and spotless map. The city is located in the east of Weining Road, Tianshan Road South, East Xinyu Road to the north, covers an area of 180 thousand square meters, the existing 2009 residents of about 5000 people. Community Party branch secretary Fei Weixin told reporters that the first day from the original residents residential village, Tao Jiazhai Xue Jia Zhai production team and production team, in 2012, just as the commercial housing sale area. This makes the area a bit special, is a farmer 844000 housing and commercial housing residents mixed community, many residents living habits still has a strong flavor of the country. 2006, the first batch of farmers into the community, the contradictions between residents and developers appeared. The farmers have the venue for weddings and funerals, developers promised residents to create a 500 square meters of the size of the room, looking forward to you." Unexpectedly, moved into a new home, the activity room is no windows, no light, no ventilation on the ground floor, which makes residents dissatisfied. "Some residents insist that if you do not change the activity room to the ground, do not use." The contradiction between residents and developers began. In 2012, the city committee was established, at the age of 48, Fei Weixin served as the first Secretary of the Party branch office residential area. Because there is no formal office space, at the beginning, 8 residents of district cadres "dwelling" in a temporary office of more than 10 square meters. "We do not care about the environment cramped, but listen to the residents of Tucao, or engage in the election work must have a decent place." How to solve the problem of site? Finally, in the area around several times, Fei Weixin found inspiration from residential facilities landscape — five pavilions. 26 couples golden wedding ceremony into a turning point the reporter saw, five pavilions scattered in the area around the six corner Pavilion Chinese classical garden style, and modern style corridors. Each pavilion has a nickname, respectively "dream Xian Pavilion" and "dream love Pavilion" and "dream Yue Pavilion" and "dream Pavilion" and "Dream Garden Pavilion", the largest area of more than and 100 square meters, the minimum can accommodate seven or eight people sitting around. Fei Wei)相关的主题文章: