The typhoon catfish to travel to the coastal areas of Guangdong and fujian-申威1600

The typhoon "catfish" to "travel to the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian" original title: Typhoon "catfish" to the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian "travel to" Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Xie Qingyu Yue Shuixuan) typhoon "catfish" or on the 28 day after landing in the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian west across Guangdong, and bring serious influence of large-scale wind and rain. The evening of 24 from the Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters learned to do defense work, 24 PM, by the deputy governor, the provincial flood control headquarters commander Deng Haiguang commissioned by the provincial headquarters deputy commander, the provincial water resources department director Xu Yongke, the provincial meteorological experts convened marine hydrological departments, chambers of Commerce will be held to the typhoon research development situation, the deployment of the defense work. According to monitoring, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" on the morning of 24 to 8 when strengthening tropical storm level. 24 days 17 when, "catfish" center is located in Taiwan city of Taitung Province East about 1500 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind 10 (28 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 98 thousand and 200 kpa. Consultation believe that the typhoon "catfish" has fast movement, late strength strong, the moving path of uncertainty, and has the characteristics of autumn typhoon subtropical high, cold air influence etc.. "Catfish" is characterized by "catfish" landing anterior diameter and typhoon "Meranti" is similar to that of mobile from 20 to 25 kilometers per hour to the north west direction, the strongest typhoon intensity level up, 27 landing or grazed in central and southern Taiwan, 27 night towards the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian, 28 am in the morning to Shantou in Xiamen coastal areas. Two is the "catfish" after landing possible from east to west across the province, bring rain in large scale is serious, and the effect lasted for a long time, the local heavy rainfall possible, and the subsequent impact of 2010 "Fanapi" typhoon similar. Three is the "catfish" wave effect. 26 day, Ocean east of Taiwan, the Bashi Channel, Taiwan coast, northeast, South Guangdong and eastern coastal wind will gradually increase to 7 – 10, 11 – 12 parts of the sea level, the typhoon center near the sea wind is 13 – 15, 16 – level 17 gust. 26 PM to 27 PM bus channel will appear 6 – 10 meters wild waves to turbulent; on the evening of 26 to 28 on the morning of the northeastern South China Sea from east to west will appear 3 to 6 meters high waves.相关的主题文章: