Chinese artists exhibition in Australia to support visitors can take flowers to send someone else-特命战队go busters

Chinese artists supported visitors can send flowers away others – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to Australian news report in Australia exhibition, Chinese American artist Li Mingwei (Lee Mingwei) of the exhibition recently in the National Gallery of Victoria (National Gallery of Victoria) for this local growers given strong support, visitors can take away flowers free at the exhibition, but to strangers in the street. "The Herald Sun" reported that local 13, Li Mingwei (Moving Garden) dynamic Garden Exhibition Exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria free from October 15th to January 29th next year. Li Mingwei said, dynamic garden for everyone to show a full of beautiful flowers in space. To visit the exhibition visitors leave can take a bunch of flowers, but promised to do two things, first, to leave the museum after the next destination to go; second, bypass, to bring the flowers to strangers, let strangers feel surprise." Li Mingwei 13, visited many flower flower market in Melbourne, many florists expressed their willingness to join the plan, the shop in the 106 days of the exhibition, providing 1000 flowers every day, a total of 106 thousand flowers. Join this program Flowers Vasette owner Palo (Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou) said, "many flower shop and Museum cooperation is my flower brilliant achievements in 27 years, we are proud to be able to play this role. The exhibition is to show to the public the best chance of Victoria market." It is reported that Li Mingwei was born in 1964 in Taiwan Chinese, 1997 Yale University art sculpture master’s degree, he means to conceptual art and interactive space, the number of a "New York Times", "the Losangeles times" and other well-known media coverage of the full version.相关的主题文章: