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"The leading driver" claiming money can "make people" fraud 160 thousand jail – Sohu northeast news network September 23rd hearing relatives violated the law sentenced, should accept the punishment to reform, can the family is sick TouYi, think of ways to keep people out, the results did not come out, also cheated 160 thousand. September 21st, the reporter learned from the Saertu District People’s court in this case. Liang is a resident of Daqing, two years ago, Liang relatives of the law was sentenced by the court. In order to allow relatives to get out of jail, Liang and his family tried to do. Through friends, Liang met in Harbin, a court of wu. I heard that Wu is the driver of the court leadership, Liang and his family have a high look at them, feeling relatives have been released from jail. After several contacts, Wu said, you have the ability to help Liang, is serving his relatives for medical parole. See yourself looking for the right person, beam very happy. Services need to spend money, I believe that the ability of Wu Mouyou, as long as Wu mouth money, Liang is the first time to send. More than a year’s time, Liang has been in the vicinity of Wanda Plaza bank, Bank of Harbin District, Xiangfang, three times remitted to Wu $160 thousand. But after getting the money, Wu Liang did not help work, but will the appropriation. Take out a lot of money, but family baowaijiuyi did not progress. Liang often and often find Wu, Wu also initially for various reasons perfunctory, later urged closely, Wu refused to answer the phone. At the end of last year, under Wu knew he could not continue to lie down, helpless, came to Harbin City Public Security Bureau Branch Road outside surrender. Wu himself claimed to be able to pull out of the others, to the last people did not come out, he also went in. Wu Liang finally surrendered hope ended, the thought that money can do, did not expect the shooting itself in the foot. Saertu District People’s court held that Wu for the purpose of illegal possession, the use of deception to defraud other people’s property, the larger the amount, his behavior constituted a crime of fraud. The court sentenced Wu guilty of fraud and sentenced to imprisonment in four years and three months, and fined 30 thousand yuan. At the same time, ordered the defendant Wu Liang, restitution to victims of 160 thousand yuan. (Yin Qi)相关的主题文章: