It is said that the woman who has been hurt will be heavy, but Hsu Chi is more and more light (video-特命战队go busters

All said the woman who has been hurt will become heavy, but Hsu Chi is more and more light [Abstract] all said that the woman who has been hurt will become heavy, Hsu Chi, on the contrary, she is more light. Hsu Chi Stephen Fung and Hsu Chi Stephen Fung of the Tencent entertainment Zhuangao Chufei suddenly announced the marriage, like her bestie Ruby Lin, kill us be taken by surprise. As usual, open this group of dog food and show loving picture, Stephen Fung is no longer the boy with a beard as pretty as a picture, a little residue of the vicissitudes of life, but Hsu Chi seems to be back to her like a little girl, Lolita, a charming face, as she played the Hsiao-Hsien Hou film "the most beautiful time" (view at the moment, the drama) Hsu Chi is the most beautiful Hsu Chi. I’ll tell you something about the past, and Hsu Chi’s love, perhaps you remember, may have forgotten. 2013 in November, Chang Chen married in Taipei, the mainland went to a lot of media reporters, I was one of them. As a real love to talk about the rumored girlfriend, Hsu Chi said publicly at the beginning will go, save the media to see her on the question of Kung fu. Chang Chen’s wedding stage is open, the media are waiting outside, although far away from the iron railings can only see the scene sporadic points, but because of the sound of the horn, the scene did not fall on the screen, you can know. Throw the bouquet links, the bride Zhuang Wenru did not follow the routine and throwing flowers, but directly point the name of Hsu Chi to bring the bouquet to her, and I wish Hsu Chi "as soon as possible to find happiness," Chang Chen looked across the bride head down, Hsu Chi didn’t say a word, just smile and tears. Hsu Chi should drink a lot, she knew the media outside waiting, did not go to the other channel, but she appeared at the moment, we ask different questions, she put her finger to her lips, "hush", indicating what is not said, is to say "please pass". Her eyes blurred, his face with a blush, just say "good friend’s wedding, I am very happy," on the car. However, not two minutes, Hsu Chi on the ins said, walking together is fate, together in the walk is happiness". That night the night in Taipei, it is like a dream, Hsu Chi may feel awkward, but she is very good to resolve all the embarrassment, at least not positive and these embarrassing conflict. Later, as we all know, she and Stephen Fung complex, 20 years off and on, divided into. The opening ceremony of the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival last year, all the media predicted Hsu Chi will walk the red carpet, the results until finally, she also did not appear, then the interview asked her, she said because the fun results did not catch the plane missed the red carpet, people can not help but smile, how many female stars in the life and even paid a high price to buy tickets but Hsu Chi coupons, willfulness to give up because the fun to walk the red carpet, did not expect to have a sound appreciation. Hsu Chi is also a reason for being late, it is said that Stephen Fung in Cannes to accompany her, but did not get any pictures, which is also in line with the subsequent feelings of the concept of low profile, low profile of the. Hsu Chi loved three men, Chang Chen, dawn, Stephen Fung, the three men is common seems a little stiff, Hsu Chi could love money, are not the kind of export-oriented. Hsu Chi to dawn into too deep, so that the early years we went to Hongkong to interview also often hear the paparazzi in their emotion, often their!相关的主题文章: