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The Hang Seng index is a consolidation of the early November Shenzhen Tong is expected to open the Sina Hong Kong columnist Luo Xueming WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) after the strong performance in the third quarter of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hong Kong’s main benefit brought hot water in North South, through the Hong Kong stock volume is the key to Hong kong. Shortly before the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks appear after a pause, the lack of funds to support the phenomenon of city power weakened, in the process of the rise of no capacity to support. South funds can not be ignored, I believe the future will be one of the strong support of the market. Wednesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened slightly higher after the shock consolidation, the 3000 stock index recovered soon after the position lost again. The shrinking down to adjust the pattern, the big city all day long down is to maintain a narrow range. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2987 points, turnover of 116 billion 400 million, the net outflow of funds 3 billion 255 million, the net outflow of funds 2 billion 692 million Shenzhen, somewhat optimistic. Technical point of view the market by the average repression, difficult to appear strong situation, can suck always restrict the rebound height. At present, it is in the stage of weak energy storage. This week only two trading days, and then the A shares have 9 days off time, many investors feel that the best strategy is to wait and see, resulting in insufficient funds. After all, the A-share market is now the main trend of the market is mainly A narrow range, weak performance. Large amplitude also hit a 14 year low, the presence of capital trading activity is very low, and the turnover reached Shanghai today after fusing low, indicating that the market sentiment, investor confidence has not recovered from the fuse after. 3000 points is still a good light watershed, above the top of the bullish point of 3000, the lower is the downward trend track. Short resistance 3000 points, strong resistance of 3020 points. Short term support 2950, strong support of 2938. 2980 position will have some support efforts, investors should grasp. Not too bearish on the big city, in October last year, the trend of A shares to a wave of strong rebound, the 3000 after the holidays will become a long and short axis that army game, recommended hunters after all blue chips, has fallen to a value of depression level, after the National Day rally opportunity. Trump and President Hilary’s presidential debate as a result of winning the market, the market believes that President Hilary is better than with a strong policy uncertainty of the good of the president of the United States, Mr. Hilary, Trump. With the United States in September consumer confidence index was 104.1, better than expected 98, these two factors will cause the formation of positive short-term support in order to increase the positive impact of Hong Kong stocks rise in stocks, but also has good side effect on A. I optimistic about the National Day holiday after the A-share market A. The Hang Seng Index Dikaigaozou Wednesday, the city pulled up, as of the close, the Hang Seng Index closed at 23619 points, up 47, turnover of HK $61 billion 500 million. Hong Kong stocks volatility recently frequently, is in fact the city entered a consolidation stage, the purpose is to provide more energy for the growth outlook. The past month is running between 23000 points to 24000 points, in 23000 Guan Shou long army strong, that under adequate support. The next few days there will be no big gain相关的主题文章: