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Prostate can affect sexual function? The maternal and fetal prostate is an important part of the male reproductive system. It is the main component of semen. At the same time, when ejaculation, prostate will shrink, can be pressed into the urethra, the ejaculatory duct contents of vas deferens and seminal vesicle excreted to the bladder to prevent semen backflow. The function of the prostate is very important, but it is the actual living space is not good, and even can be said to be the dwelling. The prostate is located at the bottom of the bladder, next to the scrotum, surrounding the urethra. Imagine how many "treasures" were hidden in the small area In the rectal examination, you can touch the prostate, if you want to feel it, flexibility is better. The prostate gland is not only very important, but also delicate organs, many diseases will find the prostate, such as hyperplasia, inflammation, and even cancer. Prostatitis can be divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, nonbacterial prostatitis and pelvic muscle pain and other conditions. In clinical practice, there are some common symptoms of prostate disease, such as increasing the number of night; frequent micturition, urgency, but is a trickle of urine uncomfortable; urethral have glowing feeling, even hematuria; pelvis, testis and perineal pain, patients with these symptoms should be considered is not caused by prostate disease that should go to the hospital for regular check. The influence of the prostate gland in addition to pain and affect urination, prostate problems may also bring a lot of trouble to fertility and sexual life. The influence of the material in the prostatic fluid can provide nutrients to the sperm, and the prostatic fluid is weak alkaline, which helps to neutralize the acidity of the vagina, and improve the survival rate of sperm in the vagina. The prostate problems, prostatic fluid secretion, thereby reducing the interference of semen volume, sperm survival and activity at the same time, the pH value of prostate fluid may also reduce the decline of sperm activity, resulting in infertility. In addition, the acute prostatitis caused by bacteria, may also cause bladder inflammation, similar bacteria may be transmitted through sexual behavior to his wife". Even with children, and with the help of condoms to curb bacterial infection, with "who can stop me, but a cool" mentality, it doesn’t mean you can Everything will be fine. Little brother will make prostate emergency erections uncomfortable when touching the sudden pain will be extremely disappointing, it really hurts badly, will naturally happen impotent. Prostate health, from daily grab! From youth to old age, prostate may have problems. Whether it is an inflammation of the bladder infection, or a deformity of the urethra, or for the "back door" behavior of special interest, as well as a long time cycling, may make prostate problems. Against prostate problems, the best way is to nip in the bud, if you can keep a good habit of daily life, can reduce the risk of prostate disease in a certain extent, such as attention to sensitive parts of the clean, drink plenty of water, to ensure the normal urination and defecation etc.. Do it yourself.相关的主题文章: