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Alliance virtual reality industry set up 10 shares will soon start the virtual reality Industry Alliance hardware market welcomed the rapid growth of 29, the guidance by the Ministry of industry, the virtual reality industry alliance jointly launched the field of virtual reality of enterprises and research institutions was formally established. At the inaugural meeting adopted the virtual reality Industry Alliance statute, there are 180 companies and institutions to join. After the establishment of the alliance will be carried out from a number of aspects, including the establishment of a sound system of virtual reality standards, the development of virtual reality industry development guidance, held in the field of virtual reality global developer conference. Among them, the virtual reality industry and the application of the guidance of the preparation of the work, the relevant standards for the development of virtual reality has been started. Previously, Ministry of industry and electronic information division director Diaoshi Beijing said that China’s development of the virtual reality industry has two obvious advantages: one is the huge market space of the advantages brought by the two population; there is a good basis for the information industry. The agency expects major technology giants intensive push new products, supporting content gradually improved, and the speed of communication network, virtual reality industry will be rapid development, by 2020, the global virtual reality equipment shipments will reach 30 million units, corresponding to the size of the market will exceed $150 billion. Virtual reality technology is a computer simulation system which can create and experience the virtual world. From the point of view of technology itself, virtual reality mainly includes simulation environment, perception, natural skills and sensing equipment. Among them, the simulation environment is generated by the computer, real-time three-dimensional dynamic three-dimensional image, with a sense of function. Augmented reality is a deeper layer of technology than virtual reality, is the use of projection of the real environment and virtual objects seamless integration of innovative technologies. Content from the virtual reality of the product, in July to enhance the development of Nintendo’s reality game Pokemon was welcomed by the market, has become the highest ranking Apple Corp App Store free application. The biggest highlight of the game is the combination of augmented reality technology and Pocket Monster’s role set. In addition, Google, apple, Facebook and other technology giants layout of virtual reality equipment, content such as product development, so the company will also launch NVIDIA GPU chip for the use of virtual reality, boost the development of the industry. With the improvement of hardware performance and the reduction of cost, virtual reality products have been widely developed in recent years. In 2016, the virtual reality products became the focus of the exhibition. AI media consulting data show that last year the market size of China’s virtual reality industry is 1 billion 540 million yuan, this year is expected to reach 5 billion 660 million yuan, the market size in 2020 will exceed 55 billion yuan, industry of our country is the rapid development of virtual reality. In foreign countries, in 2014 Facebook to $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, in recent years, the field of virtual reality and augmented reality carried out a total of 225 venture capital, investment reached $3 billion 500 million. Agency expects virtual reality and augmented reality hardware and software market potential will reach $150 billion in the next 5 years, the compound growth rate will be more than 100%. Integrated brokerage Research Report, GoerTek shares for相关的主题文章: