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The apricot forest public test director: have a fever smart thermometer fever causes the evaluation report of 02- Sohu, is involved in the application of maternal pediatricians the most common and most headache symptoms. In particular, in the summer, the fever of the patients in the outpatient ward was increased, most of them were upper respiratory tract infection, such as the inability to measure the body temperature quickly, which brought great workload and hidden danger to medical treatment. Febrile seizures occur, the children’s physical and mental health and family members as a great harm, the traditional mercury thermometer slow measurement, the material for the glass and mercury has a certain security risks. A safe and efficient scientific thermometer is urgently needed for the majority of patients and doctors. Two, the product is the first time to see the director of heating is still very impressive, there are generally intelligent thermometer host, button batteries, battery opening tools, and medical silicone paste. It also attached protection box and instructions. The host feels very thin, about the size of 2 coins, give people a strong sense of science and technology. Three, the product experience carefully read the instructions, open the main battery, install the battery, Download fever director APP, mobile phone Bluetooth connection with the host, registration, login and according to the specific situation of the baby to fill in the relevant information, the thermometer affixed to the axillary, several seconds after the temperature is visible, 4 seconds visible temperature data update, temperature the curve is clearly visible, 38.5 degrees will be timely warning and prompt physical cooling or taking drugs. Convenient and timely treatment of fever, waiting for children to see a doctor when you can easily see the child’s body temperature, determine the condition. Feel the measurement process four, product testing experience is very convenient, can be very effective in measuring dynamic changes of body temperature, attached to the patient’s armpit can avoid trouble and safety using mercury thermometer (mercury damage occurs), the temperature accuracy is very high, consistent with the traditional thermometer. More safe and quick. Five, summary of today’s progress in science and technology to further improve the medical technology, more advanced science and technology products will replace the traditional equipment. Fever director in the pediatric field can be said to great application, provides a method for safe and fast detection of body temperature of children, save time a large number of doctors and nurses, if the rapid popularization will be health care and children’s gospel, temperature alarm processing method for temperature timely guidance, medical treatment for the time, reducing the risk of febrile seizures.相关的主题文章: