Jaguar Land Rover and Ford test Internet connected wireless network-jcuv是什么车

Jaguar Land Rover and Ford test Internet connected wireless network Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata Motors began testing in the UK Internet car. Recently, the test car appeared in the central test site. This car is equipped with internet connected devices, wireless networks can be connected to the local, and can also be a network share to the car inside and outside the automotive equipment. Test vehicles to communicate through the network in order to reduce traffic accidents, and shorten the time required to reach the destination. In case of emergency, the driver can also be timely warning. Part of the test car is said to be able to detect traffic signals, to control the speed, you can wait for the red light. The Internet car test is in cooperation with the British Autodrive project, Autodrive is a three year project supported by the government, in Milton · Keynes (Milton Keynes) and Coventry (Coventry) on the streets of the connected car and unmanned vehicle test. Autodrive is a part of the British government innovation project, Britain hopes to develop unmanned unmanned vehicle, provided to the global market, so that the automatic driving car on the road before 2020, this test is the response. The UK estimates that driverless cars will reach 900 million pounds (about $1 billion 100 million) by 2025. Today, many companies such as Google and Volvo are also testing driverless cars. As early as March of this year, Eric, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet · has said that Google is considering testing their driverless cars in the uk.相关的主题文章: