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You don’t think you don’t know? Sohu maternal and child recently, many viewers were Daddy where 4 in the Arale circle powder. Adorable "Arale" jokes constantly, verse frequent, people laughing. One of the most classic on the number of "father" Dong Li said, "when I grow up, my mother took me to marry you!" One sentence. If your child is three or four years old or older, feel funny, you must have the same feeling. "Mom, I want to marry you when I grow up!" "I’m married to my class!" Where did I come from?" Why can’t I go to the toilet?" Why do I have a chicken?" How do you react when you say something like that? That is just a child naive naive, laugh? Surprised that the child did not "shame" to scold a meal? Or worried about the child began to precocious and distressed? Do not ignore, do not worry too much, this is the child in a way to tell you TA, I need sex education!" Chinese people are born shy, for sex education is also a lack of. Many parents find it hard to say, holding the child big naturally understand the idea simply chose not to educate". However, you do not say, the child does not know? Get out of curiosity to the parents question reply is secretive, please, the result can only be more curious. You should know that today’s network information is developed, the social instability is also true, until the child himself from a variety of channels to search for the answer, it is too late. So, how to give children proper sex education? Do not know where to start? Do not know how to grasp the degree of interpretation? Worried about the boring preaching children do not listen? Give the child to read "child care YY Rabbit series of picture books". The establishment of 8 progressive theme according to the law of growth, with all sorts of doubts 8 story system to answer children’s curiosity, to teach children about the life consciousness, establish basic, necessary and healthy, and self protecting, preventing sexual assault. First, the establishment of gender identity – I have to stand pee! To promote children’s cognition of gender, different physiological structure has different gender role behavior. Two, understand the gender constancy and stability — "if I were a boy…… Help children to establish the concept of gender, to develop appropriate personality and behavior characteristics. Three, about life and Breeding — "I come from? Tell the child the origin of life, valuable life, Thanksgiving parents. Four, get rid of improper attachment – Mom, I grew up to marry you! Get rid of over attachment to parents, do independent, psychologically healthy children. Five, learn to protect privacy, establish a sense of shame – Dad, I can see you take a bath? Setting up the sense of privacy is the premise of self protection. Six, how to get through the "sensitive period of children’s marriage" – "do not remember from the beginning of the morning…… Respect for the pure love and understanding.相关的主题文章: