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Lippi took office on Heroic utterance Cai Zhenhua will want to let their coach – Lippi Fox Sports Sohu will meet the media solemn thoughtfully yesterday afternoon a few years ago, China Football Association held a news conference in Beijing, the new China men’s soccer coach Lippi with team debut, officially meet with the outside world. The white haired, was China fans known as "silver fox" the boss in the face of the media throws many heroic Utterance: "we need to build a powerful national team" and "make every effort to try to complete from the 12 match team qualifying" task "to gain access to the world cup, but my heart will still be a lot of fans there is a question mark: Lippi is really Chinese soccer savior? Modern Express reporter Wang Wei ZAKER in Nanjing to build a strong Chinese soccer team since China Football Association announced that Lippi in command of the country foot, as you all know, the football association will China decentralization, Lippi will have served as the men’s soccer coach Chinese maximum autonomy. Of course, including the coach led his coach team into the country foot. Yesterday, Lippi introduced his team members, including a considerable number of foreign coaches, there are 6 people who have followed the team members of Juventus in Milan, Lippi, Hengda work. Lippi, who served as coach of the Chinese team leader Hengda also included, even in the team called Lippi, Minister of foreign affairs". As for China football coach, Lippi also expressed his joy, he said, to China soccer into a strong team: "I believe I can help China football progress, Chinese has many capable players, they need to increase the sense of responsibility, sense of mission." Lippi also revealed that in fact, a few years ago, China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua had talked with him in the foot position problem. But because Lippi was still Hengda coach, so did not take place, the two sides finally shook hands. After the national football team to rival players Lippi took over the country, the most important work is the 12 round of World Cup Asian zone. At present, Chinese team situation is worrying, but Lippi still said no to completely hopeless situation, he hoped that with the players to try to finish out this seemingly impossible task from the group: "the national team’s situation is very difficult, opportunity looks is not large, but we need to unite and do all efforts to try to complete this mission impossible, and then go on to consider the long-term development of Chinese football problems." For a new squad, Lippi said, this list has been determined, his national team as a team to hengda. "Because these players have been playing together for a long time, they are very familiar with the national team. The first game we have to consider the safety and insurance. Based on the above consideration, I will move into this training more Guangzhou Hengda players, Hengda team formed the national team." Lippi said. Talking about their own work arrangements, Lippi said: "my character is very simple, as the national team China football coach, to help China football progress." Lippi denies preparing for naturalization"相关的主题文章: