First killed cattle! Japanese media on the song sound Top7-sql2005安装图解

First killed cattle! Japanese media on the song voiced by TOP7 in the past, the main work is to work behind the scenes voice dubbing. But after the seiyuu idol, more and more people began to stand on the stage, as a singer of activities. So what are the excellent technology, singing voice and beautiful voice? Recently, the Japanese media have commented. But she has always – Nana Mizuki in the practice of singing, and also appeared several times in the NHK red and white song of war. Can be said to be the real strength faction. Although Mizuki Nana is the first seiyuu debut, but now also often ordinary people will produce "the singer will be dubbed" illusion. Ayahi Takagaki – she was in college is learning vocal music, therefore has a singer should be accomplishment. And the performance of singing also won a high evaluation. At the same time, she and Tomatsu Haruka, toyosaki, Minako Kotobuki love students and others have also established a combination together in music activities. – Saori Hayami is not early dubbing, often singing some songs and singing roles, get a lot of people. She is characterized by the ability to perform different kinds of songs perfectly. Yukari Tamura – this is a very talented people singing. Because the line is very rich, so the voice of the time can freely play various roles. And this trait has been brought to the concert. Many people have said that her concert with CD sounds almost like strength, as like as two peas, never touching. Aoi Shota – this is a once in "TEENS MUSIC FESTIVAL" awards including "music contest characters. His singing is very good, not only won the recognition of many viewers, but also let him have the opportunity to participate in music programs frequently. Takahashi Chikaaki this is a seiyuu, models and other multiple roles. While she was in the music also achieved good results. In addition to the performance of the individual, she also with Yui Horie, Kanda Akemi, and the village of wood, who set up a combination of round, to carry out activities in various fields, such as. The temple is called "a macro Yamate Hiroshii has N different voice" man. This can be placed in the concert, is also a natural shine. He had some animation had a song performance, won the recognition of each respect. In fact, and these people just voice. For example, love is Taniyama Kiaki, South Guan Junyan, Sukasa Youko and others are having good singing. So when we are asked about this topic, who will first think of the name? [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章: