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The national day price, the home of   for the concern and support of Lifan cars since thanks to the new and old customers for a long time, in the National Day period (October 1st to 9) Hong Group Lifan cars will be held "list of national day price, the home Car Buying" large-scale promotional activities, where the car during the activity of customers you can get a wealth of gold and hit the golden egg to win Car Buying. Shot of special vehicle million YuanJu Hui! More concessions! A lot of gifts! The other can provide professional financial loan scheme Car Buying, "0" Shoufu, Shoufu, full payment for your Car Buying escort. Lifan car, easy purchase!                           for more details please consult the list of concessions: Hong Group Lifan automobile 4S flagship store in Panyu: 020-34800722 Guangdong city in Guangzhou province Panyu District city big town road No. 628 (Sports Park Huadu station) 4S flagship store: Huadu District of Guangzhou city 020-37760378 Pinbu Road No. 46 Huangshi shop image: 020-36199069 Baiyun District of Guangzhou city Huangshi Road No. 753 Haizhu Zhiyingdian: 020-34425721 Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Nanzhou Road No. 1542 (Tianyu Automobile City) Nansha Zhiyingdian: 020-39079926 Guangzhou 331-333 (Nansha District Port Road No. Nansha street right) Guangshan Zhiyingdian two road 020-29066200 Guangzhou Tianhe District Guangshan 35-44 (Guangdong electric power school near Qingyuan Zhiyingdian): Qingcheng District of Qingyuan city streets Henghe 076-33661138 Development Zone No. seven District No. 3 and outlets: 020-37156329 Guangzhou Baiyun District and the town of dragon six road No. 396 crane and comprehensive square B14-B15 (human and fell C1 exports to Huadu the direction of 500 meters) for more information please sweep the two-dimensional code below Concern Hong Group Lifan automobile WeChat subscription number list相关的主题文章: