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With the suspension control screen exposure Pentium X40 clear interior spy – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] spy fox recently, Sohu obtained a set of car Pentium X40 latest road test spy, and for the first time to capture new car interior details. Pentium X40 positioning in the small SUV, and Xenia R7 with a platform to build, according to earlier news, Pentium X40 is expected to launch in 2017, consumer oriented. From the spy photos, the Pentium X40 is in the final stages of testing, but the new design has been basically finalized. The new face shape and the new Pentium X80 is similar to that of "open eyes" headlight design trend is currently very popular. The details can be seen in the new side window profile, outer eyebrow shape and body waist, and xenia is similar to that of R7. The concept of X4 long prior to the release of the width and height are 4314mm 1773mm 1650mm, while the wheelbase reached 2660mm, almost close to the Pentium X80; and specific to the X40 actual production data released by the wheelbase version of the wheelbase is not 2660mm, but 2600mm, and the R7 is the same as. Interior part of the Pentium X40 console layout drawing on the new X80 ideas, suspended in the larger area of the control panel, the bottom of the air-conditioning control panel angle is more gentle, in the operation will be more convenient. Due to the positioning of reason, the new configuration level to shrink somewhat than the Pentium X80, using the traditional mechanical brake, also not equipped with a startup configuration. Currently, Pentium X40 detailed dynamic information has not been disclosed. Refer to the same platform models Xenia R7, the new car in the future or will be equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power 85kW, maximum torque of 155Nm, matching with the manual and automatic transmissions. Of course, there are also available for the FAW Pentium 1.4T version of the performance, so the final matching program is also waiting for the official disclosure of more information.相关的主题文章: