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HUAWEI Mate 9 and then exposed black technology fast charge rate spike OPPO? Tencent digital news (Aqua) may be released in early next month rumors because HUAWEI Mate 9 recently broke the news on the web constantly. The day before, according to sources disclosed on micro-blog news, HUAWEI Mate 9 upgrade fast charging technology, support 5V 4.5A and 22W output, but not with the dual camera is 20 million pixels, but a combination of 12 million pixels +2000 megapixel, is expected to officially debut in November 3rd. Upgrade fast charging technology in the past about HUAWEI Mate 9 broke the news almost all focused on the dual camera, and other features on the upgrade is rarely mentioned. And now, there are people on the news broke the news that HUAWEI Mate 9 will upgrade fast charging technology to support 5V 4.5A and 22W output. At the same time in order to cooperate with the HUAWEI Mate 9 5V 4.5A low voltage fast charging technology, HUAWEI will also for the data line of the original machine upgrade from the original 2A to maximum current, promoted to the highest support 5A output current. Although the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed, but had already had a netizen claimed that HUAWEI Mate 9 genuine black technology is not the kylin 960 processor and dual camera, but HUAWEI independent research and development of "super fast charge" SuperCharge, allegedly technology in 5 minutes will be 3000 Ma battery half full. Dual lens pixels in addition, HUAWEI Mate 9 with the parameters of the two cameras are also a little bit in the past with the rumors, not all 20 million pixels, but a combination of 12 million pixels +2000 pixels. Among them, the 12 million pixel camera sensor size is 12.85 inches, while the sensor is a pixel of the lens is 12.8 inches, as to whether the black and white + color sensor configuration is not exact news. Of course, HUAWEI will join Leica technology for the cameras, and rumors with optical image stabilization and phase focusing function, the camera software optimization will also be upgraded, and the lens aperture will be increased to F1.8 and F2.0, have more amount of light, in the shooting effect is better under low light conditions. It is reported that support or waterproof function, HUAWEI Mate 9, codenamed "Manhattan", which is the past rumors of "Manhattan", will be equipped with 8 million pixel front camera, and uses the Tpye-C interface, but the distribution of the minimum value of the battery capacity of 3900 Ma, but may be billed as 4000 ma. In addition, there are users post bar broke the news that HUAWEI Mate 9 may join the IP67 waterproof and dustproof function of the class, equipped with Unicorn processor 960, with 4GB 6GB memory and provide the highest 256GB storage capacity. HUAWEI Mate 9 is also equipped with a 6 inches touch screen and pre installed the latest Android system, there are already suspected HUAWEI Mate 9 models MHA-TL00 and MHA-AL00 has been approved in the domestic radio launch model approval..相关的主题文章: