Whats The Deal With The Cowboys-音羽かなで

UnCategorized These guys are always in the news. It’s almost like they’re starving for attention. Pac Man Jones just got suspended for four games for getting in a fight with his bodyguard at a hotel party. Jerry Jones knew the risks when he hired him on and now they are .ing back like angry bees. In the Cowboys game against the Cardinals, Romo fractured his pinkie on his throwing hand. Then Brett Favre called him yesterday saying he should play if he can help it. So since everyone’s idol is Brett Favre including Romo, Tony then tells his coaches he’s gonna play against the St.Louis Rams. Evidently he was throwing just fine in practice even with a splint on it. Then I find out that the Dallas punter Matt McBriar injured his foot with the punt was blocked in overtime against the Cardinals. Losing a good punter mid season is never good. Who is gonna replace him? Some amateur punter from the Arena Football League? Who knows it could be you or me. Felix Jones also pulled his hamstring and will be out for the game against the Rams. They will sorely miss him as he has been averaging about seven yards a carry. He is also a good .pliment to Marion Barber’s style of rushing. More craziness this week as the Cowboys sign Roy Williams for a bunch of draft picks, over three I believe (one first round pick). This may seem like a good fix in the short term, but Dallas could be missing out on some good draft picks this next draft. It seems like Jerry Jones is going for the Superbowl win this year or bust. It is better to think long term with most franchises. You always need young guys to replace the veterans eventually. Not to mention there will be two Roy Williams as there is already safety Roy Williams. The wide receiver Roy is from University of Texas, while the safety Roy is from Oklahoma. How weird is that? Can you imagine the practice sessions, "Williams you blew that coverage against Williams!" I’m going to be a psychic and predict what could make this season crazier for the Cowboys. First, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo get engaged after the next game against the Rams. Second, T.O. .plains that Roy Williams is getting the ball way more than him. Third, the team is barely able to make the wild card, but ends up winning the Superbowl against… The Jets (where Tony Romo plays and beats the man he grew up idolizing, an almost cruel fate indeed for both, as it is Favre’s last year more than likely and would suck all the joy out of the victory for Romo when Favre solemnly congratulates him). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: