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Business With summer over, its back to school time! Take this oil change quiz and find out how much you know about oil changes. Even though oil changes seem so fundamental, they are one of the most important parts of regular car care. What is the correct interval between oil changes? Because todays driving conditions meet the definition of severe, vehicle owners manuals will typically recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles or 90 days, in conjunction with a filter change. What are severe driving conditions? * Trips less than 10 miles * Driving in dust and sand * Cold weather that prevents motor warm-up * Extended idling * Stop-and-go driving * Pulling trailers and heavy loads * Heavy duty driving, such as sustaining high-speeds in hot weather. How does an Oil Filter get clogged? When the filter begins to break down, the function, which is to "sift" or remove solid contaminants, will lose its effectiveness. This restricts the flow of oil and also allows contaminants to enter the engine lubricating areas. As the contaminants flow around the filter element, called "by-passing," contaminants return to the engine, resulting in damage to the moving parts of the engine, plus speeding up the formation of sludge. Does it matter what size of filter I use? The effectiveness of a filter is directly related to its size. Through the 1980s, most auto and light truck filters held approximately a quart of oil. Since then, filters now will barely hold half a quart. The filter fills with contaminants, and then it bypasses. How does sludge form? If oil change services are ignored long enough, contamination (blow-by, condensation, fuel, dust, metallic shavings, anti-freeze) will mix into the oil, oxidizing (or baking), thereby clogging the filter. A Thought to Remember: Just a few minutes of your time and a few dollars every three months or 3,000 miles will help keep dollars in your wallet and your vehicle running smoothly down the road. Need expert advice about oil changes? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Prices Precision today by calling (406) 248-2838, or go on-line to .pricesprecisionauto.. for more information. Our Tech-. professional auto repair shop in Billings, MT, also serves vehicle owners in the areas of Shepherd, MT and Laurel, MT. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: