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Outdoors Maldives an incredible honeymoon destination! Maldives is one of those destinations that cannot be overlooked if you are looking for romantic escapade. Therefore, every year millions of newly wedded couples plan holidays to Maldives. The country features some of the most gorgeous beaches and most sophisticated restaurant in the world. However, these are not the only things that make Maldives an incredible vacation spot. The country features wide variety of activities, historical attractions and breathtaking natural landscapes. In other words, it is necessary to be romantic to visit Maldives; you can be adventurous as well. Maldives holidays allow you to be a part of several marine activities, diving being the most popular one. North Ari Atoll is the best area to enjoy diving in the country. There are numerous diving sites in this area that feature variety of underwater creatures. It does have a long stretch of barrier yet there is lot to see. Availability of creatures depends on the time of your visit. Between December and April, you can take a look at the plenty of manta rays however, if you want to admire whale sharks plan cheap holidays to the Maldives between May and November. One of the most popular diving sites in this area is Broken Rock. The site has a large rock structure that splits in the middle diagonally. You will find this site 12 meters under the waters. While diving in, natural drifts allow you to observe gorgonian fans. Several divers prefer this site especially to take a look at the moray eels, turtles and napoleon wrasse, a rare fish species. If you want to take a look at the blue lined snappers and barracudas, you need to dive 17 meters away from the canyon. Another worth mentioning diving site in Maldives is Hammerhead Point. Holidays to the Maldives without this site would be considered in.plete. It is located in Rashdoo atoll and is the most important site in Ari Atoll. If you want to capture the best underwater views, prefer to dive in during early hours of the morning. The reef features 10 meters high underwater ridge and at the depth of 25 meters, you would .e across caverns. While excursing through these caverns, you can take a look at number of dolphins, hammer head sharks and red snappers. If you are looking to admire large aquatic creatures, Manta Point is the site that should be on your list of cheap holidays to the Maldives. The diving site is located off the Baros Island. Best time to admire manta rays is between June and November. Apart from mantas, you would .e across several other creatures as well. Divers visiting Maldives cannot afford to miss on visiting Gurufushi Thila. This is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the country. The site is located between two atolls and is home to wide array of corals, fishes, sea fans, sharks and manta rays. Strong currents add unique excitement to the activity. But strong currents also make this site apt for professionals and experts but not for novice divers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: