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Dr. Nicholas Perricone, noted beauty expert, recently stated that a specific trace mineral, known as NBC (niacin-bound chromium) has substantial benefits for Type 2 diabetics. These benefits have been extensively documented in various clinical studies at Georgetown, Harvard and other well-regarded medical institutions, providing hope for pre-diabetic and Type 2 sufferers. Chicago, Illinois. January 13, 2007. Dr. Nicholas Perricone, most noted for best-selling beauty-based books such as the Perricone Prescription, has identified a possible trace mineral supplement that helps promote proper insulin function and healthy body weight for Type 2 diabetics. In his just-published book, 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity, Perricone cites studies conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center, which substantiate the benefits of NBC (niacin-bound chromium) for those with diabetes. Among the benefits of this trace mineral, Perricone says that it promotes healthy body weight, lean body mass, promotes proper insulin function and healthy cholesterol levels In addition, he believes that ingestion of this mineral will also extend your life longevity by up to 20%. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s for real! A substantial body of research compiled at Georgetown, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Creighton and other leading medical institutions, on this specific chromium, has been conducted over the last 10 years and clinically documented the power of niacin-bound chromium. Based on a number of factors (most notably the rise of high fructose corn syrup sweeteners that drain the body of system maintenance chromium), supplementation with this highly bio-available (readily absorbed) chromium offsets the diabetes-inducing impact of these sweeteners. Niacin-bound chromium, in addition to being the most effective form of chromium supplementation, has also been proven to be the safest, the only known chromium version to be verified GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), in independent studies. Perricone has been at the forefront of longevity research, leading acceptance for anti-inflammatory solutions. And his high profile status as a best-selling book author brings welcome attention to a mineral that has been substantially documented to bring welcome relief to millions of diabetes sufferers. About the Author: About Proven Results Health (Diab-X) ( Diabetics can actually read 200 supporting studies on this site. Helping diabetics and pre-diabetes loose weight & gain healthy blood sugar levels is the measure of this group. Diab-X is an all-natural supplement that contains key active ingredients recommended by leading health experts such as Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and is provided in the full strength dosages used in clinical trials. Testing indicates that you get results 3X Times faster than diet and exercise alone. Visit this site to learn about research that supports the product. You can download a free eBook, Live Longer Now. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Diabetes 相关的主题文章: