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Internet-Marketing This article is the second part of the Information Marketing Mastery free report review : How to get paid for everything you do, anytime you want, faster and easier you ever thought possible. I guess you have read the first part of this article about If not then I re.mend you do it. Here are the other points you can get from it. – Steal business models. Of course, legally and ethically. When you go through an offer, from reading the sales copy to ordering a product, you can see the whole business model. Why not copy the process ? Brian McElroy shares more ideas to get business models you can just reproduce. – How to make a living online. There are some low paying jobs and some high paying ones. You just need to know what jobs pay what fees, and you can turn this into a full business. And you don’t even have to do all the work ! – Personal Productivity, how you can earn $1,000 per hour. Maybe not that much, but the examples given make the idea much clear. You have to see how little time spent can bring most of the money. This can be by creating a short report in just few hours that will sell very well. Or meet business partners or new clients for a big contract. You will also get a resource video on time management, and some insights on outsourcing. – Get paid for giving advice. This is consulting fees. What Brian says is that you’re not even helping someone when you give advices for free. Because there is no perceived value, the advices you give are not put into action. If you pay for something you want some return for it. – Little changes in your business models that can lead to big profits. You can put up some extra work on your business model and dramatically increase your profit. There are more than eBooks to offer to your visitors, add some services that are more expensive or recurring and you can triple your in.e. – Build a list of buyers. This is one of the most valuable asset of any internet marketer, one that can pay you for life. If you have a responsive list that buys from you then it means there is trust between you and your list. If they have bought once, then they may do it again. Brian McElroy will launch his Information Marketing Mastery program very soon, but at this time you can download the report and watch videos for free. A Live webinar is also .ing (free again !). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: