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Software If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP several years and already undergone few versions upgrade dramas (smile), your historical Great Plains consultant could use data repair method on SQL scripting level. We saw several orphan GP customers, where all the sudden their favorite add-ons disappeared in SmartList. If you are on Great Plains 8.0 or earlier: 7.5, 7.0 – there is knowledge article on how to reload SmartList. We tried it for Dynamics GP 10.0 and figured out that it is not applicable and as there was difficult to find relevant fix for version 10.0, we are suggesting our short cut, which should allows you to recover SmartList for Fixed Assets (it should be applicable to other add-ons, you just need to change Dictionary ID in the script). We assume that you are comfortable with SQL scripting, and you know how to backup your Dynamics GP databases prior to the surgery described in this article: 1.Explorer Master Tables. Please, in GP go to Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Resource Description -> Tables, change product to SmartList, switch series to System and sort by Table Group Technical Name. On the top you should see SmartList Master tables cluster. The tables you need to transfer are: ASIEXP60, ASIEXP81, ASIEXP86 and ASITAB20. Now how to get tables with FA module records in them 2.Fresh Dynamics DB installation. In our opinion the best way would be to install Microsoft Dynamics GP on test server or user workstation (be sure you do it on the matching version of MS SQL Server). Just add Fixed Asset module in the installation. Then add Lesson Company. Here you have one nuance: table ASIEXP81 is your GL Account Structure dependent (number of segments) – this is why we recommend you to change Account Format to match your production Great Plains. Then make backup of your Dynamics DB and restore it under different DB (ASI for example) on your production SQL Server. Now you are ready to the surgery, be sure that you have backup of DYNAMICS and all of your companies databases 3.SmartList restoring. Log on SQL Server Management Studio open new query, switch DB to ASI. Run the following command for all the tables, mentioned in #1, be sure to change names: alter table ASI.dbo.ASIEXP81 drop column DEX_ROW_ID go insert into DYNAMICS.dbo.ASIEXP81 select * from ASI.dbo.ASIEXP81 where ASI_Favorite_Dict_ID=309 Here you should know that if you are recovering SmartList for another Add-on, you should check Dictionary ID for it in Dynamics.set file, for version 10 it typically is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP folder, and in the query itself you should change 309 to the appropriate ID Now you are ready to test. Open Dynamics GP user workstation, Dynamics GP->SmartList and now you should see Fixed Assets folder present If you need help with advanced technical issues with Dynamics GP, Great Plains Dynamics, eEnteprise or Great Plains Accounting for DOS, as well as with SAP Business One, feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577, [email protected] 相关的主题文章: