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Home-and-Family Dialing your phone and calling 911 might be too late when the burglar is already inside your house. How many cases are there when intruders have already accessed the bedrooms of their victims? And what happens when access seemed to be as if they have the exact duplicate of keys to your own home? You may have heard of extreme criminal offenses and even brutality. You can prevent this from happening. Installing the right home burglar alarms could possibly save your life. This is your first line of defense especially when you are alone inside your house. And even when you have taken the necessary precautions to secure your house or apartment, you can never be too cautious especially if you want peace of mind. These alarms will keep the bad elements outside your house. From the initial sight of the burglary system, criminals will turn away and just look for a more unassuming victim. How many houses have installed home security devices as an afterthought? After maybe a burglary incident in their homes a few weeks back. Having an alarm system should be at the top of your priority list. Safety should always be first, particularly in a community where crime rates are high. If your life depends on one piece of device, why can’t you invest on it? You have far more valuables inside your home compared to the price that you have to pay for an alarm system so get one. That could be your life saver. Home burglar alarms are necessities in every American home. There is no doubt about that. Feeling unsafe and having constant thoughts that your life might be in danger even when inside your house? If you have not been paying attention to home security measures even by having a dog to guard your front yard, then trouble is just waiting to happen. Not to cause too much alarm, but incident of abductions, thefts and other heinous crimes happen when people do not take the necessary precautions in order to protect themselves. Home burglar alarms from traditional ways to more technology-based systems are now part of the must haves for every house. For practical ways of keeping the house safe make sure that the doors are locked whenever you leave your house during the day and especially at night. Have double locks if possible. You can also have a dog to guard your backyard as some sort of first line of defense. Do not also "invite" burglars inside your house by leaving broken windows or patio doors unfixed or even having tools lying around the backyard that can be used as a means to open your doors and windows. These simple tips will give you a bit of protection but since criminal elements do not care much about dogs or even locked doors particularly for syndicated crimes, you may think of installing a more advanced security system that will definitely keep those bad people away. This guide will help you rethink the home burglar alarms that you are now using for your house. 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