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69 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger proved that age is just a number! Arnold Schwarzenegger is too busy to exercise? Look at the people of Arno ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger was once popular all over the world science fiction "terminator" series of films of the experimenter in his film has been a strong muscle as a robot from the future, cool handsome appearance and madden muscles become classic forever the minds of many people, called a "Future Warrior Avatar]. And want to know the 69 year old he now had to look down, never let you admire him extremely! As one of the most important figures in the history of sports career, Arnold Schwarzenegger began at the age of 15 had approached the fitness movement, now 69 years old, he still maintained the original robust figure, because of his love of sports, never let time dilute their hot pillow! Arnold Schwarzenegger never stopped his bicycle exercise habits is also his most love the movement in Rome was not built in a day, continue to keep fitness in his body at all who can not see the traces of the years! We see that the devil Arnold Schwarzenegger exercise, strong muscles and strong stature still maintain very good, amazing perseverance can you believe that he is the grandfather?! Successful people are still hard, you have any reason to give up? Source (fitness bar network)相关的主题文章: