A cancer radiotherapy five year survival rate can reach 95%- Sohu health-lightscape

A cancer radiotherapy five year survival rate can reach 95%- Sohu health mention cancer, people tend to panic, but there is a kind of cancer, through its radiotherapy, five years survival rate can reach 95%, this is the npc. Of course, high cure rate does not mean that we can ignore it, look at the following people who are more favored by nasopharyngeal cancer, in order to better prevent! 1, smoking, drinking wine and tobacco on the mouth, nose, throat and respiratory tract irritation, easy to cause the malignant cells of nasal pharynx. 2, China’s Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hongkong and other places, the researchers found that more than 40 years of age, the occurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma obviously regional, which may love and more than eating salted food related area. 3, family members or relatives of people suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer because it is often the same family or relatives of the same diet and lifestyle, more likely to make the same location or cell damage. 4, EB virus infection EB virus is a human herpes virus type 4 spore, its infectivity is very wide, has a close relationship with the occurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients almost 90% will find EB antibody positive. Therefore, if the physical examination found himself infected with EB virus, should pay more attention to the regular examination of the nasopharynx, and detection of EB antibody titer. A happy mood plays a vital role in the prevention of cancer!相关的主题文章: