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A picture to read semi annual report: money earned it – Sohu financial performance of listed companies has always been a window to observe the overall economy. As of August 31st, listed companies in mid 2016 report has been completed. Overall, the operating income of listed companies increased by 3.38%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit fell by nearly 4%. Specifically, all sectors of the situation is not much difference: under the pressure of the economic downturn, many industry feel the pressure, some rally does not stop, some fish, some stumble endlessly, face bleak. The former dominated the three barrels of oil performance has "fall"; once "lay money" bank chiefs, surrendered ten years the worst report…… However, we can see that in the traditional manufacturing growth began to decline, the seeds of the new economy is sprouting, such as electronics, new energy vehicles and other sectors of the economy continues to rise. In addition, tourism as the representative of the emerging service industry continues to enjoy high growth, the future will become China’s most resilient economy. The graphic finance according to the reported data of freshly listed companies, mainly chose 15 representative enterprises in chemical industry, brokerage, banking and real estate industry eight, try to depict the status and well-being of the industry in the first half of 2016.相关的主题文章: