A fish that something, said thoroughly are delicious tips, learn it and Sohu soojin

A fish that something, said thoroughly are delicious tips, learn it and Sohu recently to have a lot of friends flowers message, asked Braised pork in brown sauce, braised fish in soy sauce, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs practices. And one of the 91 years of fans talk, she wanted to learn how to cook the original intention is to soon after my mother’s birthday on the show. This is a reason why the flowers are moved to learn to cook. The flowers are 80, 82 years, this is not what not to say, say it does not think much of her age, because as a senior chowhound, always have a love life love delicacy heart, so happy to spend every day. However, the flowers at the age of 25 is really not cook, will not think for parents to learn a few dish. The years just graduated, always feel free opportunities to display their abilities, have time to eat at home, then have their own small home, only to find the parents is not easy to recognize, in addition to the work, and family needs their own pay and care. About 2 years ago, the flowers began to follow the recipes on the Internet to learn to cook, perhaps to find their hobby is really eating, this short period of time, really fast progress. So, as long as the heart, white kitchen can make a few decent specialty, this is full of full of friendship Home Dishes, also give the family the most affectionate pay. Do not be like braised fish in soy sauce, chili, pepper, chopped pepper, can be produced when the fermented black bean, it is nothing more than the skin is not broken, tasty fish, fish soup is delicious and several other requirements. Here we share some tips and friends: the need to prepare a: Pomfret (grass carp, carp can) spring onion ginger garlic: the amount of geraniol 2, star anise 2: 1 tablespoons chopped pepper fermented black bean: 1 tablespoons of chili peppers: 2 seasonings: soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar can not eat spicy food friends, the pepper is removed. Practice: 1, Pomfret to the scales to the gills and viscera, washed. Time to pick up the fish, especially fish in black film, must be removed, otherwise the smell of fish is very heavy. Here the flowers also asked the chef, we always think must go to the line, the line most fishy. In fact, the black film is fishy fish abdomen, not only have bitter fishy. 2, in the surface of the fish knife, easy tasty, onion, ginger and garlic slice preparation, geraniol, anise, and fermented black bean chopped pepper. 3, the red color of fresh pepper, is spicy, but particularly fresh, tasty soup is very delicious, love to eat spicy friends can try. 4, now the pan fried fish, first with ginger with a week, so the fish will not stick pan. Oil to put a little more, such as oil warm, put into the fish, small fire fried, both sides can be filled with gold. (many of my friends also ask, how the skin is not broken, the flowers can not guarantee every time is not a bit damaged skin. But here are a few tips, you know, the fish will not be difficult: A, fried fish directly must be dry with paper towels wet fish, fish oil, not only will splash, skin will certainly. B, the pan must be the first heat, this process.相关的主题文章: